If your home includes air conditioning or refrigerated air, then you already know. You know what a convenience it can be. The cool, purified air makes the summer months much more comfortable, and you can escape the worst of the heat whenever you like. However, running an air conditioning unit can also be a great drain on your home’s energy. If you want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and conserve energy during the months you run your AC unit, here are five easy ways to do so.

1.     Make Vents Completely Accessible
Your air conditioning unit is designed to push out cool air through vents that have been installed throughout your home. So if those vents are blocked by tall or heavy pieces of furniture, forget it. That’s because your unit will have to work twice as hard. Most importantly, the resulting cold air will be blowing under or on the back of your furniture. This results in wasted energy and puts wear and tear on your AC unit. When you first have air conditioning installed, make a plan for arranging your furniture in a way that will not impede the flow of cool air.

2.     Take Advantage of Cool Night Air 
If you live in an area where the temperature cools off considerably at night or where it tends to storm in the evenings during the summer, you can save energy by turning off your AC unit at night and opening your windows instead. This will let cool air into your home overnight that will keep temperatures comfortable well into the morning hours. If you need a bit of extra circulation, use ceiling or floor fans to help spread the cool air into the house. Remember to close all the windows before restarting your air conditioning to avoid wasting Freon.

3.     Have Your Air Conditioner Checked Regularly 
While you probably do not think about your air conditioning unit or how it works unless it breaks down, having it routinely serviced by a professional air conditioning company, even if it is working perfectly, can go a long way in helping you conserve energy. Having the filters replaced at least once every few months and a leak test performed a few times per year is preventative maintenance that may catch small problems before they grow into big emergencies. HVAC experts you hire to maintain your AC unit may be able to give you more insight on how to save energy as well.

4.     Insulate Unprotected Areas 
If your air conditioning ducts run through parts of your home that are not air conditioned, such as your attic or basement, it is a good idea to ensure that these areas are well insulated to keep the traveling air as cool as possible until it is delivered to your living space.
Air conditioning for your home going green too

5. Ducts Ducts Ducts

Warm ducts may allow cool air to lose it’s temperature before it can be delivered. Which means you will probably end up running your AC longer in order to cool your home. So I say all the time, insulation will keep your refrigerated air cold. Also it’ll allow you to cool your home more efficiently.

In conclusion, following these simple tips may help you save energy, cool your home with more efficiency. Furthermore it will result in a lower monthly electricity bill. Finally and for best results, follow each tip with regularity. Then write them down and keep the list close. Because it will help you to maximize your energy conservation all season long.

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