Nova Bus is proud to announce it has been awarded a new contract by Montreal transit authority STM (Société de transport de Montréal). The contract calls for 4 fully electric 40-foot LFSe buses, scheduled to be delivered end of 2019.

This new order comes on the heels of the first service anniversary of the three quick-charge electric buses. All provided by Nova Bus as part of the Montréal City Mobility project. It’s a landmark initiative by STM and the Quebec government. These four new vehicles are intended to replace the diesel-powered buses. All that currently run the same route. Therefore from Square Victoria to the Angrignon terminal.

As written previously, Nova Bus has been working with CUTRIC since 2016. It’s on a Canada-wide project. All to integrate electric buses and the charging infrastructure of different manufacturers. As a result and into public transit systems.

Therefore the goal of this project is helping municipalities. As well as making the most of the major investments required for electric transit.

So for example and including making electric buses and charging stations compatible with each other. Therefore the standardization of infrastructure and equipment is essential. It gives more flexibility to transport companies. Thereby the greatest benefit is our planet.

So the first Nova Bus electric buses were commissioned in Montréal in May 2017. In conclusion, they have traveled over 100,000 km. As well as have undergone more than 11,000 quick charges.

In conclusion, this is their first year of service. Consequently it has shown how the product is robust.  Especially and most noteworthy in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore and as well as the performance of Montréal based quick-charge stations.

Finally, electric buses requires less maintenance. That’s finally because its got fewer mechanical components.

Nova Bus New order of electric buses for Montréal

Source: Nova Bus  Date: September 17, 2018, SAINT-EUSTACHE, QC

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