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First of all, we need green parking garage certification programs.

Because up until now, parking garages weren’t able to earn green building certification. Furthermore, LEED doesn’t recognize them.

That all changed with the Green Parking Garage Certification program. The Green Parking Council purpose is to inspire. Inspire real estate owners, developers, planners, architects, tenants, parking operators, and others.

Thereby inspiring others toward a more environmentally and economically sustainable future.

Green Garage Criteria
The criteria for green parking garage certification development occurs with over 200 industry professionals.

They did it in a consensus-driven process. The program is modeled after the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification program. It specifically addresses three categories of opportunities for sustainability

which are:

1. Management – Highlights ways garage operations can maximize assets while minimizing waste.
2. Programs – Guides garages to new revenue sources. With greater customer satisfaction and stronger community relations.
3. Technology and structure design – Outlines the physical attributes of a garage and uses it to increase energy efficiency. Therefore even lowering waste and supporting customer mobility choice.

In fact, the UL Listing File #: E344242 is an LED Parking Garage Fixture. All along with multiple releases of linear ‘tube’ LEDs since 2009. The LED tubes are at the core and the efficiency of the accompanying power supply ‘driver’.

In conclusion, there is a minimum amount of credits required in each category. It’s all based on an overall level of performance. So eligible parking structures can be recognized with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold certification. It’s awarded for three years and is renewable.

The Green Parking Council is a not-for-profit affiliate of the International Parking Institute (IPI). One that provides leadership and oversight for the green garage certification programs.  All for sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. Finally, a guide to the program is available from the Green Garage Certification web site.

Source: Intelligent Building Today
Green parking garage certification programs making LEED a reality for garage owners.

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