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I am considered two things in one sometimes. Aka a smart home enthusiast and someone who cares about the planet. Frankly I just dig smart home devices!

To have a positive impact on the planet doesn’t require you giving up your smart home dreams. So what if, you can. I mean what if you can merge both your smart home dreams and going green? Therefore, smart home devices help you employ smart home technology devices and go green.

Electrical Devices: Home Electrical Energy Monitors

Smart home devices

The US Environmental Protection Agency clearly states that electricity usage leads to more greenhouse gas emissions. Even than cars. Therefore, choose to track and limit the amount of electricity consumed in your home. So see how you can reduce the production of greenhouse gases?

Smart technological devices can help you achieve this. So for example through the use of Sense Home Energy Monitor. One which monitors how much electricity is being used in your home. That’s through all kinds of electrical appliances such as your phone charger. Even via the vampire draw effect (pulling electricity from the outlet even when not charging any device).

Light: LED and Solar Powered Bulbs

There are some new smart bulbs on the market which are energy-saving and as well, add a certain techy radiance to your home. A good example of this is the Lifx Color LED Bulbs, which are a series of WiFi connected bulbs which can be controlled with smart hubs such as Echo, or by means of a smartphone app. It is even Alexa enabled. Another excellent feature is the fact that it has been programed to work effortlessly with smart home devices, which ensure they are turned off as soon as you leave the house. Outdoor lights can be solar-powered, thus illuminating your outdoor areas such as the patio and the garden without any cost.

Water: Smart Water Monitors

Smart home devices like Water: Smart Water Monitors

Spend a lot of time under the shower, and come out feeling quite guilty about all the water wasted?

You might need a smart water monitor, which keeps tabs on exactly how much water is being used per time. With an hydraulic-powered LED screen in a couple of these monitors such as the WaterHawk, you get immediate feedback on how much water you’re using, thus you are able to cut back on water spend.

There are also smart water controllers to help with water conservation in your lawn or garden as well, as they are connected to weather data via the cloud and can adjust sprinkling schedules to fit into the weather conditions. How superb!

Portable Outdoor Coolers: Coleman PowerChill 12V Thermoelectric Cooler

Got you a family that’s on the road most of the time? No worries got something just right for you!

I’m sure you need a portable cooler that’s just perfect for your camping family, and there’s one guaranteed to tick the ‘green’ box: the Coleman electric cooler.

As a thermoelectric iceless cooler, it bypasses the limitations of the traditional cooler type which requires lots of ice that must be replaced often and as well, navigates through the problems associated with a large electric compressor cooler. Despite its featherlike weight of only about 18 lbs, this thermoelectric cooler is very roomy- enough to hold up to 44 12 oz cans!

It also has super cool features like a shelf divider and handles for carrying it. If you’ve got this, that road trip will be certainly worth every minute spent.

Heat and Air conditioning: Smart Thermostats

Smart home devices like smart home thermostats

There are super smart thermostats on the markets, such as Nest’s thermostat and the Ecobee4 Smart WiFi Thermostat, which help measure and adjust hot and cold spots in areas of the house; you could for instance, make your bedroom super warm at night while setting other areas (with your voice) to be super cold. That sounds like a fairytale, but your smart thermostat achieves this readily.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Going smart and going green does not have to be antagonistic. In conclusion and with these smart devices, you can achieve both!


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