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Holy Tesla!  That’s right folks, ANONews just reported that Elon Musk announced he will soon be releasing the Tesla Model P. The Tesla Model P is an electric pickup truck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about the forthcoming truck in a recent appearance for the “Ride the Lightning” Podcast.

“Will be a better truck than an F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality, and be a better sports car than a standard [Porsche] 911. That’s the aspiration,” Musk said.

The price is also far lower than what most people would expect from Tesla. Musk says that the starting price for the vehicle will be less than $50,000. The vehicle might even end up being cheaper than some F-150 models, considering that they can range anywhere from $28,000 to over $67,000.

Tesla Model P pickup truck

A rendering of the forthcoming Tesla truck, which will reportedly cost less than $50,000. Photo Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s new pick up truck will also be cheaper than the other electric pickup truck that is set to appear on the market soon, the $69,000 pick up that is being released by Rivian next year.

As InsideEVs reports:

The highly anticipated Tesla pickup truck still doesn’t exist in official form, but that doesn’t prevent us and others from imagining what it might look like.

Tesla truck renders are always a hot and controversial topic though. And this latest one with some extreme exterior design elements is sure to be divisive too.

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