CleanChoice Energy Partnership Helps Support Healthy Habitat for Bees on Solar Farms

Washington D.C., August 9, 2019–First OG all, CleanChoice Energy is a renewable energy company. One that empowers people and businesses to cut emissions. As well as live cleaner lives. Now it has also partnered with Bolton Bees. They are a family-owned business. One that is most noteworthy promotes the productive use of land at ground-mounted solar farms.

So with this new partnership, CleanChoice Energy supports the creation of safe, pollinator-friendly spaces. All under and around ground-mounted solar panels where bees and other pollinators can thrive.

In addition, CleanChoice customers can also purchase the resulting SolarHoney®.  That’s at a 20% discount. Thereby helping create additional demand for more solar bee farms. As well as their solar products.

Because we must be protecting and preserving bee and other pollinator populations, it most importantly has grown increasingly urgent, especially in recent years. That’s as more and more bee, and pollinator populations suffer, all from the effects of the deadly disease.

It seems that last winter’s decline was the worst on record. That’s with U.S. beekeepers losing 40% of their honeybee colonies. Therefore drastic and sudden decreases in bee populations have an impact, especially on the cultivation of numerous types of critical nutritious crops. They are including fruits, nuts, and many types of vegetables.

So Bolton Bees partners with solar developers who create pollinator-friendly habitats. More over at ground-mounted solar locations. Certainly apiaries, or bee farms. For they are placed alongside the panels. Then resulting SolarHoney is thereby sold to consumers. Bolton Bees hopes for thousands of additional acres of pollinator-friendly habitat to be created.

In conclusion and for a sweet treat that helps our bees, visit Bolton Bees and use the promo code CleanChoice.

Source: CleanChoice Energy,

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