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The ClipperCreek popular 48 and 64 Amp HCS Series charging stations are now offered. That’s moreover with overmolded connectors. Also field-replaceable connector latches. Finally, five year warranties; all ideal for extreme conditions and high utilization applications.


ClipperCreek, Inc. 

Feb 13, 2019, 09:37 ET

AUBURN, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019/PRNewswire/ — The HCS-60 and HCS-80, two of ClipperCreek’s highest-powered Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations, are now available in “Ruggedized” configurations. The HCS-60R and
HCS-80R feature rubber overmolded SAE-J1772 connectors for added impact and crush resistance. As well as field-replaceable connector latches, and are backed by five year warranties.

These high-power, ruggedized charging stations offer reliable and affordable high-power level 2 charging solutions designed specifically for heavy utilization fleets, public parking lots, and extreme weather locations. The ruggedized option is offered at an excellent value of $100 in addition to the base price of $899 for the HCS-60 and $969 for the HCS-80.

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“We saw great customer acceptance with our first set of ruggedized products. Also the HCS-40R and PMD-10R have continued to receive requests for the higher-powered ruggedized options,” said Will Barrett, ClipperCreek Director of Sales.

“ClipperCreek’s standard products are very robust, all have NEMA 4 rated enclosures for indoor or outdoor installs. The overmolded ruggedized SAE-J1772 connector takes our already tough products to another level.”

Features of the HCS-60R and HCS-80R include:

1. First of all, a 11.5 – 15.4kW of power to charge electric vehicles quickly 

2. Impact and also crush resistant SAE-J1772connector.

3. Type 4X watertight and also corrosion resistant rubber overmolded EV connector.

4. New slim high power cable design for improved flexibility and also for cold weather performance. 

5. 25 feet of charging cable for installation flexibility and superior vehicle reach

6. 5-year warranty 

7. Field-replaceable latch

8. Wall mount SAE-J1772 connector holster included

  1. Integrated cable wrap thereby making storing the cable simple and also convenient. 

10. Rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 station enclosure for installation anywhere

12. Support from the outstanding ClipperCreek customer service team.

  1. Also, no assembly required and Made in America.

Also, for customers desiring access control, ClipperCreek offers ChargeGuard. Consequently that’s compatible with the HCS-60R and HCS-80R.

For ChargeGuard is a reliable key-based access control solution. One that’s also designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications. Moreover it’s only a $78 option. 

Also, for Share2 also allows power sharing from a single circuit between two charging stations. Because Share2 is also available for both the HCS-60R and HCS-80R.

In conclusion, the HCS-60R AND HCS-80R are available for purchase immediately at www.clippercreek.comor by calling the ClipperCreek customer service center 877-694-4194. 
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In addition, view a video demonstrating the durability of the HCS-40 EV Charging Station.

Finally, view a video of the installation of a hardwire EV Charging Station.

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