Most people don’t know this but yes you HAVE an energy and electric choice. When you choose an alternate energy provider! Now the utility will still charge you for delivery.  Yet always remember, the supply part of your bill can be changed up. However, it primarily depends on where you live.

If you live in a state that has a competitive energy market, then you may be able to drop your current utility provider, in exchange for another. In general, a utility company will often monopolize a specific region. However, there are alternate providers within that who can offer you your electricity supply.

The process is actually quite similar to choosing a cell phone provider. In the utilities world, the ability to choose your own electricity provider is known as “electric choice,” and here are 4 things you should know about it:

Competition can Vary

That isn’t a bad thing at all though. Because there are multiple utility providers, competition can spur competitive pricing. Because pricing that better mirrors current market conditions. Ambit Energy for example, has always offered competitive rates for their customers according to Ambit Energy reviews posted online. These providers are able to buy power supply whenever necessary. This is favorable because a utility electric choice provider. So it can wait until current market conditions provoke cheaper prices.

Electric choice and CleanChoice Energy and Minnesota Community Solar

Your Budget can Actually Benefit
Anyone who is trying to juggle a health household budget knows that “utilities” make up a significant portion of said budget. Did you know though, that if you live in a state that offers electric choice, it can actually help you manage your budget better? By having the option to pursue different utility providers, you can find the most optimal pricing to fit your monthly budget.

Where you Live is Important
Get online and do some research to determine if the state in which you reside offers electric choice. In your research, you should find that each and every state boasts a utility commission; one that regulates every utility from transportation to water. By contacting the utility commission in your area, you should easily be able to determine if your state offers electric choice.

No Elbow Grease Required

Some seem to think that having this much freedom means more work in the long term. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Once you have signed up for an alternate utility provider, you should actually be able to relax since you will still receive fantastic service, any equipment necessary for installation, and a monthly bill (with the option to pay online in most cases).

In Conclusion and As you can see, having the ability to pick-and-choose or have energy choice between utility providers. It is ideal in many ways. However, it is important to remember that shopping for a new energy provider is exactly like shopping for a car. Finally and or anything else for that matter. So therefore It is important to keep these things in mind. All before making any final decisions:

  1. Check with the utility commission in your state to determine what your potential savings could be by switching. They should have a detailed list on which electric choice suppliers are available as well as possible pricing.

  2. Be as prepared as possible by knowing what the average amount you pay monthly on your current energy bill. If your aim is to lower your bill, this information can be crucial in finding an alternative supplier with lower prices.

  3. Check for decent customer service. Call their customer service line and see if you get a response from a real person. If so, was that person helpful and polite? Trust me, if you’re power goes out, you want a nice, competent person on the other end of the line.