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Why is it important to reduce industrial waste for an organization? Not only industrial waste management makes sense, but it is also highly effective to achieve efficiency to safeguard the environment and also strengthen the economic base of any firm.

Every year, billion tons of waste generated and disposed. All consequently by companies. Companies that are not only increasing the cost of disposal. They are also adding on to the hazardous waste in our ecosystem!

Owing to the increasing cost of disposal. Why? Because there is greater regulatory pressure. Pressure to responsibly manage industrial waste. As well as the manufacturing firms are now looking for more effective and sustainable ways. All therefore to minimize their waste and maximize savings.

Here are a few valuable measures by Industrial setups to minimize waste:

Source Reduction

The method of source reduction includes changing the composition of the waste products by cutting, melting or by preventing the toxic materials from entering the production process through a monitored system. Technology like Flow Measurement Products for different industries from LitreMeter should be preferred to incorporate environment-friendly changes to the production process, to avoid industrial waste. Such technology will help in avoiding waste from hazardous materials.

A Responsible Team

As a Green Initiative, you can also consider bringing individuals from different areas of operations. All to form a responsible ‘Green Impact Team’. This team will be totally dedicated to communicating environment-friendly ideas to your staff. As well as help promote better ideas encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly measures. Measures therefore in every aspect of the industrial pre-production and post-production. The dedicated ‘Green Impact Team’ will also help your firm by creating effective reports. Starting first off by charting out the quarterly progress. This initiative by any firm brings accountability and unified efforts. Efforts towards creating a better tomorrow.

Industrial recyclingRecycling Techniques

Recycling has the potential to get back a product to its original state. Also you can process and make it non-toxic. As well as you can process the waste for resource recovery. Also, recycling helps in regeneration or making a new product altogether. Consequently reusing waste material like the packaging material, cardboard and paper. Plus all that other waste will help in preventing the industrial waste output.

The Green Chemistry Philosophy

Are you wondering what is ‘Green Chemistry’? Well, it is an effective way to reduce the toxicity of a product. It is a method where all the products are designed with an eco-friendly aspect. These products are processed to generate the least amount of hazardous waste as possible. This entire process reduces energy consumption and decreases the likelihood of releasing the toxic material into the environment.

Waste Audit

Conducting a waste audit will promote the prevention of industrial waste by analyzing the components. That’s weight, volume and source of the industrial waste output.

So what does a Waste Audit do?

Waste Audits foremost examine the waste products. As a result those materials are managed on what’s being disposed of. That’s including cartridges, ink, paper, aluminum cans, etc., finally determining if these materials are recyclable or not.

Therefore examining sources of waste also helps to determine where the waste is being generated. Theodore what are the effective measures to prevent it. For instance, paper can be used on both sides, the packing material is mostly reusable, glass, cans and bottles can also be recycled.

Improve on Storage System

It is of the utmost importance to use materials and processes efficiently. It is not rocket science and you can start with a few basic steps. Steps ensuring the bulk containers are closed. All will not only keep your facility functional in terms of the safety of the products. Yet it will also reduce the losses due to spills or evaporation. Also, keep in check there is no mixing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, it will ensure the reduction of associated storage and treatment costs. Don’t just pause here, consult with your ‘Green Initiative Team’ and come up with more solutions to improve the general storage system and other aspects of your facility.

Always Buy in Bulk

No, it is not at all impractical to buy in bulk. It is important to understand that not only bulk buying will ensure cost-effectiveness because of the volume of purchase, but it will also cut down on the packaging materials required, reducing on the disposal of waste; later. Also, the inventory should always be up to date with clear labels on the products and perishable products should always be used before they reach their expiration date, so as to avoid wastage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is a greater need for all of us to become a little more sensible and sympathetic. All  towards our environment. That being said, it is a great responsibility to shoulder. Not only for an individual but for the industrial businesses at large. Finally, the key points to remember for a sustainable waste management system. All to contribute to the environment and maximize savings. That includes source reduction and a team of responsible individuals. Understanding the recycling techniques and working on ‘Green Chemistry’. So conducting waste audits, improving on the storage system. Finally and buying in bulk to avoid wastage. Thereby all but ensuring cost-effectiveness.

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