Save Gas, Save Money, Save Carbon

Excerpt from Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, 2nd Edition.

Car companies are making an effort to develop or provide more fuel-efficient cars. The market wants green cars especially that save gas prices being so unstable. Then and only then car companies are do well (Toyota and Honda) at producing fuel-efficient and hybrid electric cars. Yet more electric cars. Now with Tesla, Ford, GM, and the other car companies are either producing or developing these types of cars as well.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, 2nd Edition

Furthermore, there are all the articles about car companies stepping up to manufacture and sell electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. These fuel efficient cars WILL be coming to market in the not so distant future.

We Already Have Fuel Efficient Cars

Much has been said about creating a new type of car that can get 35 mpg so you save gas. In other countries where fuel is very expensive, such cars already exist. The cars are much smaller and have smaller engines.

I mean why do we need more electric cars on the road?

Electric cars are the cleanest, most efficient, and most cost-effective form of transportation around. Seriously, electric cars are high-performance vehicles that will continue to meet new challenges in the future.

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