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There are many challenges to consider when buying a home besides erosion or deciding trees and shrubbery. You know on the overall landscape design. First of all, erosion is an issue most farmers, home owners, and all landscapers face each year. The most common types of erosion are wind and rain erosion. While preventing erosion may seem like a daunting task, we have made it easy. Here are three tips on what each of us can do to make sure the soil stays put:

1. Plant trees and shrubbery Trees and shrubbery can add privacy, shade, and help from erosion. There are a plethora of plants to choose from. Find trees that are native to your region. Visiting a local nursery is a great way to start. Most of your local plant stores will have a great selection and  helping hand there to assist in finding the perfect plants for your home. Make sure to plant trees and shrubbery near slopes to get the best protection. Most noteworthy, plants can soak up excess moisture and stop runoff.

Plant trees and shrubbery

2. Erosion control seeds Sometimes the solutions to nature’s biggest issues are as natural as seeds. Erosion control seeds are deep rooted grass seeds that spread quickly. Grass can help the soil stay where it belongs by providing a barrier to wind and rain. So make sure to measure your lawn to know exactly how much you need and read all care instructions to ensure the best results. Selecting native grass to your areas will help mitigate risk. There are experts out there to help you find the best seeds for your lawn.

3. Mulch
Bald spots in your yard or garden are unattractive and put your lawn more risk of erosion. If you have a place in your lawn that you do not want to cover with grass or plants make sure to fill in with mulch. In addition, there are some great mulch options out there. Also, there are colored mulches. Ones which can add a beautiful splash of creativity to any landscape design. Finally, there are also organic options such as wood chips, straw, animal manure, grass clippings and newspaper. Therefore, select larger pieces of mulch which take longer to decompose and provide extra protection from erosion.

In conclusion, preventing soil erosion is necessary in protecting your property and Whether it is from wind, weather, or running water erosion can happen anywhere.

Because it is important to make sure all exposed soil is safeguarded. There are many solutions to this widespread issue that will add stability and beauty to your home for years to come.

Please make sure to research your area. Also to learn how vulnerable your lawn is and how to help.

Therefore securing the right plants, trees and  shrubbery plus grass and mulch for your climate. As well as your region too is the best. That’s because will ensure the longevity of your investment.  Most home improvement stores and nurseries can provide support. However, there is also a vast array of information online. A little bit of research and some rooting around will save you from issues in the future. What are you doing today to prevent erosion in your backyard?

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