This idea of a 100% solar future is silly because we are heading toward a solar world or a 100% renewable tract (diverse array or renewable energies). Yet Home’s should really consider it they can (local code allowing) for a 100% solar now vs solar future.  

As I wrote before: Solar technology is the next big thing. Not just in the technology and energy sectors but because new products are being developed regularly. Ones which require no electricity to run. They absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy. As well as  use energy as a fuel. A fuel to run all day long. However, energy storage is the connector. So products in this category are increasing every day. However my Powerwalls are examples of energy storage. Yet the most popular ones are solar batteries and solar heaters. Solar batteries are getting popular because at first, these batteries were only able to charge small objects, but now, as the efficiency of storage is increasing, they can be used for large objects too. SolarCity is one popular name in this sector because of their amazing approach towards solar energy.

According to recent estimates, all known fossil fuel resources could be totally spent within the next 100 years. However, studies also suggest that if we stray away from destructive energy sources, there is a large possibility of achieving a 100% solar. Finally and to more importantly learn more about a 100% solar future, please check out this infographic. It is from Quick Quid. In conclusion, this is on a solar world. One made by the team at CashEuroNetUK, LLC:

Source: Intelligent Building Today

Solar Power For Your Home