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The Aid by Trade Foundation further expands the Demand Alliance for its Cotton made in Africa initiative to the USA:  


Anvil is the first North American apparel manufacturer to join. The additional demand from this textile company for sustainably produced cotton will significantly help grow the program.

The Cotton made in Africa Demand Alliance continues to grow. With Anvil the network gains a further textile manufacturer that places a very high priority on corporate responsibility.

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Anthony Corsano, Chief Executive Officer of Anvil Knitwear explains the deepening of the company’s sustainability said cotton from Africa is a sustainable fiber for Anvil. It is rain fed, utilizes principles of soil conservation, “reduces pesticides”. So BUY THEIR ORGANIC LINES!


Headquartered in New York, Anvil Knitwear produces sportswear and accessories under the Anvil® brand. As well as for major private label brands. Anvil has earned its reputation in the textile sector as a transparent sustainability pioneer, marketing its sustainable projects through its AnvilOrganic® and AnvilSustainable® collections. No longer on their website.

Business Innovation

Anvil Knitwear, also recently announced that it joined with the Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) coalition. Anvil becomes the 20th member of BICEP, a group of major American companies committed to working with businesses and policymakers to enact meaningful energy and climate policies.

For Anvil, joining BICEP is an important next step toward ensuring sustainable global growth. Finally, BICEP’s core principles call for reducing greenhouse gases, promoting energy efficiency, and supporting creation of a globally competitive clean energy economy. 

In conclusion, Anvil’s practices have long been aligned with their principles.  So the company has taken steps to measure, reduce and report on its own environmental footprint. Its AnvilOrganic® and AnvilSustainable™ brands. They are among the company’s 17 affordable eco styles made from a variety of fibers. Finally, these fibers are certified organic cotton, transitional cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled PET bottles and blends.