The Bulk is Green Council (BIG), a non-profit advocacy group that spreads awareness about the environmental and economical benefits of shopping in the bulk foods section wrote me so they can share three easy “Go Green” at the grocery store tips!

1. Reduce waste!

As the Bulk is Green Council adds: Buy just the amount you need – Whether it’s a pound or a pinch, put a stomp on food waste by buying just the amount you’ll use. Pay attention to the amount you select (or scoop, in the bulk foods section) when experimenting with a new spice in your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe or stocking up on trail mix for the kid’s lunches. Overdoing it only means you’ll pay, literally, the next time you rid your cupboard of outdated food.

Bulk is Green Council

2.Reuse it and get rewarded!

In conclusion, please bring your own bags and containers. Whole Foods and top supermarket chains praise (and sometimes pay) shoppers who use their own bags. So also invest in glass Tupperware or give that empty cottage cheese container a second use. Yes folks by filling it with brown rice from the bulk foods section. Similarly or a quinoa salad from the deli counter. Just ask the cashier to weigh your container ahead of time. While you’re at it, BYOB (bring your own bag). If you must go with single-use.