According to EcoWatch and also Digital Journal, more than 67 million trees planted by millions of people. That was also in a span of 12 hours. Located in Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, they set a new Guinness reforestation record in 2017.

The event took place in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. More than 1.5 million people from all walks of life. From students and housewives to government officials. All in all planted 66,750,000 tree saplings in 12 hours.

In addition, a total of 24 districts of Narmada river basin. Because all were identified for the plantation. The saplings include two-dozen varieties of plants. All sourced from different nurseries around the state in India.


The record of planting maximum saplings was earlier held by Uttar Pradesh. So another state in India planted nearly 50 million trees. All in a span of 24 hours in July 2016.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of India Madhya Pradesh, boasted the achievement. She announced to be extremely proud and happy. Happy to share that people of Madhya Pradesh successfully planted 6.63 Crore saplings. One crore is 10 million.

Tree planting in India. Trees

As notes about India:

Forests play a vital role in India, where about 275 million people depend directly on forest resources. They provide material for industry, food, timber, and fuel. Small and medium-sized farms rely on fruit trees to provide income and food security to their families and communities. In May 2019, Cyclone Fani made landfall in the state of Odisha on India’s eastern coast. As one of the most devastating cyclones in India’s history, Fani uprooted at least hundreds of thousands of trees, possibly as many as 10 million.

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