Silicon Valley startup OpenLabel closed a 500K seed round and launched a crowdfunding free iPhone app and website. One that lets consumers and non-profit partners attach information and product ratings. That information goes directly onto any barcoded product.

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After closing half a million dollar seed investment from investors at Google, Amazon, and MicroVentures. For tech startup OpenLabel released its free mobile app and web platform. One that helps smart shoppers make healthier, more responsible, and more informed decisions.


By applying concepts from crowd-powered platforms like Yelp, Twitter and Reddit. For the team aims to eventually replace the traditional, outdated product label. Now it’s more relevant. Especially a more dynamic information like company and product ratings. Plus analysis from a variety of sources.

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Users simply scan the barcode of any product in the world. Moreover and contribute their own information and recommendations on issues. For that’s such as health and safety. Also social justice, environmental impact, politics, and animal welfare. Each “label” can be shared and rated by the community. Most importantly so consumers can follow the sources they trust. Especially to see updates in their personal feed.


In conclusion, the team has indexed over 20 million products. More noteworthy their private beta users have already contributed over 100,000 labels. They are ranging from personal recommendations to more serious data. All from dozens of non-profit partners such as Fairtrade, Healthy Child, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Unicef, and the Environmental Working Group.

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According to Deloitte, 4 out of 5 consumers use mobile phones. However in retail stores, 80% of smartphone users want mobile-optimized product info. Finally, all the while shopping.


It’s important that you recognize how much you value your sanity and your family’s. Knowing that you can easily change the food you’re eating and implement healthier habits can make a huge impact on your health and well-being – and the health of your loved ones.

In an effort to get people to make healthier choices, one company decided to create a product that would make the switch easier. The product is called OpenLabel, and the goal is to replace labels with the words “eat this!” or “eat it less!”

It’s a nod to the more than 20 trillion pounds of food that Americans throw away each year, much of which could be edible.

In conclusion, there are a number of other companies working in this space. All to help people make better choice when it comes to food and nutrition. Some, like BluePrint, even offer tools and resources to help you make a healthier choice when eating out, what to shop for, and more.
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Source: OpenLabel

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