The U.S. Green Building Council announced that now recognizes energy and water requirements from the Living Building Challenge (the Challenge). It’s a green building system within the LEED green building program.

First off, let’s be specific


The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification program and sustainable design framework that visualizes the ideal for the built environment. It uses the metaphor of a flower because the ideal built environment should function as cleanly and efficiently AS A FLOWER.

Living Building ChallengeLiving Building Challenge goes LEED


So with the Living Building Challenge, you can create buildings that are the following:
1. Regenerative spaces that connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.
2. Self-sufficient and remain within the resource limits of their site. Living Buildings produce more energy than they use and collect and treat all water on site.

3. Healthy and beautiful

Living buildings give more than they take, creating a positive impact on the human and natural systems that interact with them.


USGBC doesn’t provide a checklist of best practices. Because the Living Building Challenge encourages teams to think holistically. Thereby to find solutions that tackle multiple issues at once.

For example:
1. A water system’s power needs must factor into the energy budget.
2. Materials must be non-toxic and low impact to satisfy the demands of the Materials Petal.
3. Projects must integrate local culture, biophilic elements and beauty in order to foster community and natural connections. In addition, the program outlines a design framework that promotes the highest standard of sustainability for the built environment. Rather than a checklist of current best practices, the LBC includes a series of performance goals empowering project teams to find creative design solutions. 


This move means that projects achieving the energy and water requirements in Living Building Challenge will be considered as technically equivalent to LEED.


Source: USGBC

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