This summer, Germany adopted floating solar. They chose Ciel & Terre’s Hydrelio®. Now they want to install this state-of-the-art technology all over. This tech includes parabolic solar and good old sunray and water.

In addition, the solar array is located on Ossola’s GmbH quarry lake. It’s developed by Erdgas Südwest. This is an unprecedented anchoring system. All for an Floating Photovoltaic (FPV) plant.

Profile of the first floating PV plant in Germany

Ciel & Terre is now in a new European market. Its flagship product Hydrelio® arrived in Germany. Also the Karlsruhe region inaugurated a 750 kWp floating solar array in July. One which is to produce 736 MWh per year. The facility provides energy for the pond owner Ossola GmbH’s quarry machines. Finally, the excess of electricity produced is re-injected into the local grid.

The achievement of Maiwald FPV plant as a result it’s of a fruitful collaborative effort. One effort lead by Ciel & Terre. In addition to are German major energy actors at play. For example, the mining company, Ossola GmbH, commissioned Erdgas Südwest. They are an EnBW subsidiary (one of the biggest German energy company). All to develop and construct the project. In addition, Erdgas Südwest chose Ciel & Terre. They are fully designing and supplying the floating structure. Yes folks, that’s including the anchorage. Now you have an installation which is also handled by its experts.

Maiwald plant – 750 kWp

On an operating quarry lake

Ciel & Terre solar
An innovative anchoring system for a challenging site

Owing to the site type

First off, a 40 ha quarry lake. This installation, floating a PV plant is ambitious. Because physical and operational constraints were in  question. All during the usual anchoring solutions. Among them, gaps were dug underwater with variable depths. All up to 59m. As well as another hole is planned to be made shortly. To solve this situation, Ciel & Terre made a brand new anchoring solution. Now they use it worldwide. It’s the first “parabolic mooring line” system. The plant is attached to the banks on three sides. Also its fourth edge is tied to a cable crossing the pond. A cable which bonds opposite lakeshores.

Design, supply and installation, but not only

In conclusion, the specificity of this anchoring. So Ciel & Terre trained, proposed and are consulting on this. All with a parabolic mooring line.

Finally, the group wants to share their knowledge with others.

Sources: Ciel & Terre® International, OSSOLA GmbH, Erdgas Südwest GmbH, Friday 20 September 2019

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