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As I have written about before, the BMW i8 plugin hybrid stands for sustainability. All throughout the value chain. In addition, complementary mobility services. As well as a fresh understanding of premium.

Superior Sustainability

I mean quality defined squarely in terms of sustainability.
Seth Leitman in the BMW i8 plugin hybrid electric car

The BMW i8 plugin hybrid is a new, cutting-edge generation of sports car and I loved every second . It stands out in a crowd (you don’t have to worry about that folks!). The second model unveiled by the new BMW i brand combines a plug-in hybrid drive system with a passenger cell made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and an aluminum frame for the combustion engine and electric motor, the battery pack and the suspension.
BMW i8 plugin hybrid electric steering wheel

Breaking new ground: premium cars underpinned by sustainability-led concepts arrive in the sports car segment.
Rear of BMW i8 plugin hybrid electric sportscar PHEV

In addition, when launched, the BMW i8 plugin hybrid was awarded with the World Green Car Award. That award came at the New York International Auto Show in 2015; right out the gate!

For the record,  the EPA rated the i8 combined fuel economy at 76 MPGe (3.1 L gasoline equivalent/100 km; 91 mpg-imp gasoline equivalent). That is correct because I got that as a combined MPG! Those tires really helped!

it also 29 miles per gallon (6.7L) when running in pure gasoline mode (after the battery is drained empty). Although that doesn’t last long. It doesn’t late because of the amazing recharge ability of this car!


Because the sports car’s combination of groundbreaking plug-in hybrid drive technology and innovative lightweight construction. Again because that with its avant-garde design was honored.  Awarded by the international jury at the World Car Awards. The BMW i8 was also one of the finalists in the category World Luxury Car. That was at the World Car Awards 2015. So it therefore is underlining its special position.

Finally, the extensive use of innovative materials and the i8’s energy-efficient production processes. They all underline the overall, future-oriented concept.

Also as BMW states: another intoxicating chapter is written in the success story of the BMW i8. Because the 2+2-seater is the world’s highest- selling plug-in hybrid sports car since its launch in 2014!  Now it is joined by the new BMW i8 Roadster in the line-up. The open-top two-seater with electrically operated soft-top. This adds a whole new sensation of freedom. All to the combination of locally emission-free mobility and high-caliber performance. It opens the door to virtually silent motoring with zero CO2 emissions.
BMW plug-n hybrid i8 digital dashboard

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