Imagine being able to gaze out of your window while doing the dishes and be able to watch wildlife enjoying your backyard. Having the chance to observe wildlife on a daily basis is something that many people dream of, especially when it’s happening in their very own backyard. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a backyard that attracts all types of wildlife for you to enjoy. If your current backyard seems like a dead zone for wildlife or different types of animals, have not fear. Because there are ways to make it more inviting.

Use the Right Type of Plants

Allowing wildlife or different types of animals to enter your backyard takes plants

Getting the attention of different animals in your area starts with having the right plants in your yard. If you want more butterflies, start with a butterfly bush or two.  Black-eyed Susans, lilacs, pot marigolds, phlox, and coneflowers are also good at attracting all types of butterflies. Birds will visit your yard more often if you have butterfly weed, camellia, columbine, pine, phlox, lupine, and coralbells. When growing your plants, make sure to take care of any pest problems with professionals, such as the following.

Create a Water Source

Animals will be more likely to visit your yard if you have a source of water for them. Many animals travel in search of water to drink, so having it for them can help bring them closer to you. If you have a big backyard, you can consider putting in a small wildlife pond. If you do not have the ability to do this, don’t worry. That’s because there are still other ways you can achieve this goal. All you would need is a shallow dish on the ground with clean water. Make sure to replace it on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Birds are animals to enter your backyard

Plant Some Trees

Increasing the trees around your home can greatly increase the amount of animals that come and visit your yard. Some of the most popular types of trees for wildlife include red cedar, willow, red mangroves, ponderosa pine, native cherry, cottonwoods, and oaks. It’s even good to have a fallen tree in your yard because dead trees can provide a home to many types of animals including squirrels, chipmunks, and salamanders.

Provide Food to Attract Them 

Animals like going to places where they know they’ll find food. Having a constant supply of food for them can keep them coming back. Some types of food you may want to consider having include: 

1. Nectar 

2. Sap

3. Fruits

4. Seeds 

5. Berries

6. Pollen 

7. Suet 

8. Twigs 

9. Foliage 

If it’s difficult to provide natural sources of food for them, you can add supplemental food sources. This can include putting up a bird or hummingbird feeder. There are also squirrel feeders to consider as well. Some other types of supplemental foods include black oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, safflower seeds, mealworms, and millet. 

Create Shelter for the Wildlife 

Different animals require different types of shelters. Simply having trees can provide shelter for numerous types of creatures. You can also provide more shelters that can become home to many other types of animals as well. To create the ideal shelter for wildlife, you must be willing to leave a section of your yard untidy for them. A pile of brush and large branches left on the ground can provide a good place for many types of animals to seek shelter such as mice, toads, salamanders, and chipmunks. 

Different types of Animals for wildlife

Attracting wildlife doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It’s all about making sure your space has water, food, and shelter. With these in place, you’ll likely end up seeing more and more critters coming by to visit. When you notice animals in your yard, it’s best to respect them and keep your distance or you’ll end up scaring them away.

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