Buying a home warranty plan is a wise decision. When you have a home warranty plan, you have an extra layer of protection against unexpected costs from repairs and replacements. Most home warranty plans include comprehensive coverage for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as major appliances, including water heaters and washer/dryers. 

If you’re planning on purchasing a home warranty plan, it is essential to select a plan that fully meets your needs. You can start your search by looking at home warranty reviews, but it is in your best interest to do in-depth research. Some of the things to look for to help you find the best home warranty plan include:

What Does the Warranty Plan Cover?

Before buying a home warranty plan, it is essential to know what type of coverage the plan provides. It is never a good idea to purchase a plan without carefully reading the terms and conditions, so you have a complete understanding of what is covered.

For example, many home warranty plans do not cover a home’s roof. However, you may be able to add on coverage for your roof for a small fee. If you have concerns about your home’s roof, you will want to make sure to purchase a plan that offers roof coverage. Having an in-depth understanding of what a home warranty plan covers will prevent frustration and misunderstandings.

Price of the Warranty Plan

Most home warranty plans offer coverage for a one-year period and cost between $300-$600. Considering the amount of coverage that a home warranty plan provides, buying a plan is quite affordable. As you shop for a plan, keep the price in mind and choose one that fits your budget. 

Don’t automatically choose the plan that is the least expensive. Instead, look for the one that offers the best value and coverage. You can opt to pay for your plan in full or have the premiums broken up into monthly payments. Monthly payments make it even easier to purchase a plan if you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars upfront.

Service Fees 

If you have never had a home warranty plan, you may not realize that the majority of plans charge service fees. Most service fees range between $75 and $125. You are responsible for paying the service fee when making a claim, and you need a repair made.

When buying a home warranty plan, make sure that you understand all services and fees. If you live in an older home with appliances that are not under warranty, you may want to buy a home warranty plan that has lower service fees. A plan with higher service fees may be a good choice if you are confident that your home is currently in good condition. 

Rules and Stipulations 

In addition to understanding what a home warranty plan covers and how much it costs, you should also consider rules and stipulations associated with the plan. Some home warranty plans require that systems and appliances be properly maintained in order for the plan to remain valid.

There may also be rules regarding repairs they won’t cover under the plan. It is not uncommon for plans to not cover issues that are due to improper work or installation. An example of this would be something like your electrical system. If you have a room in your home re-wired by a handyman instead of hiring a licensed electrician, your home warranty plan may not cover repairs if something goes wrong. Make sure that you can comply with all rules and stipulations before buying a home warranty plan.

Prompt Service

When something in your home is not working properly, it is normal to want to repair them quickly. While shopping for a home warranty plan, look for a company that can consistently provide prompt service. No one wants to wait days or a week. Especially for a faulty air conditioner in the middle of the summer.

Home warranty companies that provide prompt service usually have the best reviews. You are much likely to be satisfied with your plan if you choose a company that takes customer service seriously.

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