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As FrontPageLive Reports about President Trump’s personal crusade against wind plus solar energy. I mean his administration just announced that they have the jobs with “the highest projected growth rates” over the next 10 years.  Yet most importantly, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) newest job forecast reported these pieces below.

So 2016 was the best year on record for solar energy market in the United States. That’s from a report from the U.S. Department of Energy. This is at the time showed that solar energy was responsible for a much larger share of employment in the electric power sector (43%). That’s more than the whole of the fossil fuel industry combined (22%). With such robust numbers, it seemed as though solar energy, and renewables more broadly, were about to revolutionize the energy sector in the United States. Thereby lead the push towards cleaner energy and lower carbon emissions.

So advances in and implementing renewable energy technologies. Those are the sectors expected to drive employment growth and highest growth rates. They are solar plus wind.  I mean the two occupations with the highest projected growth rates. Those jobs are for solar photovoltaic installers (63.3 percent) and wind turbine technicians (56.9 percent).

In conclusion and holy wind plus solar on the last Presidential campaign. Plus I mean talk about not seeing it. In addition, I mean from the time Donald Trump declared to run for president he hated solar and wind. Finally, this it was a “China” thing. That he loved as he called it “CLEAN COAL”. Yet it is the dirtiest energy source.

Wind plus solar rocks!

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