SAINT-EUSTACHE, QC, September 11, 2019 – Nova Bus is a leading North American transit bus manufacturer. They delivered two fully electric Nova Bus LFSe electric buses to TransLink. TransLink is South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, in Vancouver. This is as part of the Canadian Consortium for Urban Transportation Research and Innovation (CUTRIC). It’s also the Canada-wide Interchangeability Project. 

That’s with an electric motor system powered by an integrated battery system. So these electric buses provide better fuel economy, reduced maintenance costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

2 nova bus electric buses, Nova Bus LFSe

Nova Bus’s collaboration with CUTRIC began in 2016. All with a desire to help municipalities make the most of the major investments that electric public transit requires. So in particular by making electric buses and manufacturers’ charging stations cross-compatible. The goal is to standardize infrastructure and equipment to a certain extent in order to give transportation companies more flexibility.

About Nova Bus’s LFSe Model

Designed on the proven LFSe platform, the Nova Bus LFSe features a propulsion system that emits no GHG emissions and offers a better user experience through quieter and smoother driving. In conclusion, the fast and fully automatic recharging component of the batteries maintains a high level of efficiency. Finally, the Nova Bus LFSe has distinguished itself in all circumstances and events. That’s also with all possible weather conditions in North America. Most importantly and Especially in Canada.

Sources: Nova Bus and the CUTRIC website at

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