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As USA TODAY reports:

Volkswagen is rolling out what it bills as the breakthrough electric car for the masses. They add, the leading edge of a wave of new battery-powered vehicles about to hit the European auto market. So these cars are the result of massive investments in battery technology and new factories. All thereby driven by environmental regulation. Most noteworthy the more recent of concerns: global warming.


Sep 9, 2019 Note: the ID.3 will not go on sale in North America. Already sold out!

With the ID.3, Volkswagen presenting the first electric vehicle built on the MEB modular toolkit.

Long range: scalable battery system offers ranges of up to 342 miles and starting price under €30,000!

First of all, Volkswagen and its customers are launching into a new era of environmentally friendly mobility.

The series production version will later also offer a smaller battery option with an energy content of 45 kWh and a range of up to 205 miles. That’s as well as a larger battery. All with an energy content of 77 kWh and a maximum range of 342 miles.

Thanks to its fast charging capability, at a charging output of 100 kW it is possible to recharge the ID.3 1ST with enough energy within 30 minutes. That’s to cover a range of around 180 miles. So that’s a serious range boost than had previously been possible. Even more noteworthy in the compact vehicle segment.

First of all, Volkswagen will offer a guarantee of eight years or 160,000 kilometers on ID.3 batteries. That’s safeguarding longevity.

Consequently, it’s got the external dimensions comparable to my favorite e—Golf. So therefore the ID.3 provides a vehicle interior that is larger than that in any other vehicle in its category. Most noteworthy, a basic price for the series production model will be under €30,000 in Germany.

Even more noteworthy, the vehicle’s price will be comparable to that of typical compact vehicles. Mind you that’s following the deduction of the anticipated government subsidies. So folks it’s an electric car for the masses. The VW ID.3 will be delivered in Germany from mid-2020.

VW ID.3 already first edition sold out for Europe.

Consequently, the ID.3 embodies the new Volkswagen mission statement: “goTOzero”: by 2050. Meaning the entire Volkswagen Group aims to demonstrate a CO2-neutral balance.

The Volkswagen brand alone will invest around nine billion Euros in electric mobility by 2023 and produce more than ten million electric vehicles over the next ten years. That’s more than 20 e-models are planned. With Elli, Volkswagen Group already offers renewable Volkswagen energy today and is committed to establishing the charging infrastructure.

First electric vehicle on the basis of the new MEB platform.

The ID.3 is the first Volkswagen based on the newly developed, modular electric drive matrix. That’s abbreviated to MEB.

All future ID. models will also be exclusively available with fully electric drive. This drive has been optimized around the battery to achieve maximum ranges while keeping costs to a minimum.

Therefore the ID.3’s electric drive primarily consists of the permanent-magnet synchronous motor. All including power electronics and gearbox. Those have been integrated into the rear axle.

VW ID.3 1st means they are the first edition.

A high-voltage flat battery is efficiently arranged in the underbody to save space. Also for the auxiliary units. For example, air conditioning compressors or the steering rack get covered now.

The 12 V DC electrical system is simultaneously supplied with low voltage by a DC/DC converter. Power is transmitted from the motor to the rear axle using a 1-speed gearbox. Motor, power electronics and gearbox form a compact unit. The position of the battery in the underbody has a positive effect on the neutral handling characteristics, as it causes the ID.3’s center of gravity to be very low, like in racing cars. The ID.3 is also an ideal weight distribution between front and rear axle. That with the standard rear-axle drive this results in outstanding performance.

Bringing sustainability to life

The VW ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first vehicle produced with a carbon-neutral balance. I mean specifically  along the entire supply chainVW battery production will be using  closed-loop recycling concepts. All guaranteeing a carbon-neutral balance.

Free energy for the ID.3 1ST

Volkswagen WeCharge also providing all these buyers with the option to charge their ID.3 1ST vehicles free of charge. Yes folks and for the first year. All from the first day of vehicle registration up to a maximum of 6,000 miles at more than 100,000 charging points. All more importantly  throughout Europe.


So more interestingly, you have the choice of sporty, 18-, 19- or 20-inch light-alloy wheels. Also, the vehicle’s basic model reaches a top speed of 99 miles per hour.

Battery Pack Ranges:

  1. First off, the Range is between 230 and 330 miles. That’s with the smaller battery variant with a 45 kWh net.
  2. The Second pack range goes between 260 and 300 miles. Also the mid-range battery variant is 58 kWh net.

  3. Also that ones 242 and 342 miles which is the largest battery variant (77 kWh, net).

The basic version of the ID.3 1ST includes a navigation system, a DAB+ digital radio. As well as seat heating and steering wheel heating, armrests at the front, a Mode 2 charging cable and 18-inch light-alloy wheels. All comparable with Comfort equipment in the compact vehicle segment.

Again and finally, these ranges are without having to recharge.

Pure infotainment

The multimedia system of the VW ID.3 features a navigation system that’s always updated. The convenience telephony function also involves inductive charging for smartphones. The sound system can be enhanced by a Beats package. Finally the Beats package sounds like a freaking live concert! That’s using eight loudspeakers plus a subwoofer

Finally get a home charger. Prices not yet listed but they don’t cost that much because you’ll never need gas AGAIN!

Please note and as CNBC reports:

Volkswagen has sold out of its new fully-electric VW ID.3 model. That’s before the car has gone on sale.

So this is confirmed by VW ID.3 in an email that it had surpassed 30,000 pre-orders. All and for the special first edition of the car limited to 30,000 units. HUH?!

CNBC added:

Since May, European customers have been able to place orders for the limited launch edition of the car for a deposit of 1,000 euros ($1,106).

Most interestingly, Volkswagen received more than 10,000 pre-orders for the ID.3. That’s in the first 24 hours of the pre-sale opening.  CNBC reports that is what VW said in May.

In conclusion, the ID.3 showcased at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. It is the first model in a fleet of fully-electric vehicles being rolled out by Volkswagen. Yes we must expect more!

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