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The Eiffel Tower is without a question an iconic emblem of love, romance and Paris’ most contested monumental structure. Bottom line: Everyone who’s anyone knows what it is!! Now isn’t that the best part. It’s because you can also add that it’s a renewable energy site!!!

As Architect Magazine Wrote:

Furthermore, The Eiffel Tower is not only an iconic piece of architecture. Because it’s now a beacon of sustainable energy. First of all, wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower. So the energy generated by these turbines are enough to power the entire first floor including a souvenir shop, restaurant, and exhibits.

These vertical turbines capture wind from any direction. Also they are and just a part of an initiative. All to make the tower more sustainable.

eifell Tower

Yes! You’ve heard it here!

According to my friends over at Intelligent Building Today this is a US-based onsite renewables specialist Urban Green Energy (UGE).They announced that it fitted two vertical axis wind turbines the site, capable of delivering 10,000kWh of electricity annually. That’s equivalent to the power used by the commercial areas on the Eiffel Tower first floor.

Furthermore they added at Architect Magazine that the two vertical-axis turbines installed are on the tower’s second level. It’s about 122 meters or 400 feet from the ground. It’s a position that so so maximizes wins creation and generation. These turbines are even painted to blend in with the tower. As well, it’s no sound and can capture wind from any direction. Heck they do a great job. I mean 10,000kWh per year. It’s most noteworthy enough to power the tower’s entire first floor.

There was no environmental benchmark the tower was required to meet; however, the SETE wishes to reduce the tower’s environmental impact by 25 percent as part of the City of Paris Climate Plan. It is funding the entire €30 million cost of the renovation — which includes cosmetic and safety upgrades — itself.”

Source: Intelligent Building Today
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