How to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Living into your Apartment

For many, the thought of eco-friendly living might conjure up images of something like granola in mason jars, patchouli-scented soaps and hemp hand towels. Or maybe it makes you think of intensely modern homes with solar panels. How about futuristic gadgets and an electric car plugged into the garage. Because this is a lifestyle that’s expensive and out of reach for most.

Whatever your impression of eco-friendly living I hear you. Yet the important thing to note is that it may be require a little change. Yet not really.

If you are eco-friendly living in a small space, like an apartment, then you’ve already got a head start! That’s because smaller spaces are much easier to manage. They have less room for storage and more need for efficiency, and require less maintenance overall. So Win-win, right? So, to help you get started with your eco endeavor, our friends at Modernize gathered 3 ways to help you incorporate eco-friendly living into your apartment life.

Be More Energy Efficient
No matter where you live, it’s important to take stock of your energy use. With heating and cooling accounting for almost half of the average person’s energy bill each month. In addition, a large chunk of the population’s total carbon emissions each year. Now there are little things you can do that make a big difference overall. So if you live in an apartment that does not allow you to control the temperature. That’s even more important to be diligent about. Especially how much energy we use on a regular basis.

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