Such an honor to be recognized in Scotland as well as Green Energy Scotland as green. I mean look at that Country. Nothing but Green everywhere! It’s times like these in the world we live in where green issues matter more than politics. It’s that time when we stop and reflect on good things to talk about versus evil or terrorist behaviors or Presidential politics. I’ve been saying for a while now and will say again. It’s not about Red or Blue in America. Conservatives, Tea Party, Liberal, Democrat or Work to Life. All want to save green (cash) and their energy use and the environment. That’s something we can ALL agree on. Here’s a sample of my interview.

The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is a green living expert, celebrity and Editor of the McGraw-Hill, TAB Green Guru Guides. Seth is also an Author, Radio Host, Reporter, Writer and a Environmental Consultant on green living. He love to writes about green living, green lighting, the green guru guides and more.

Green Energy Scotland interviewed the Green Living Guy

Here is our Conversation with Him

Q1. You have done a lot of research on Green Companies, you even have a list of approved green companies. What criteria do you use before giving a company the green light?

Seth Leitman: There are a few. Are they the most energy efficient, do they actually do what they say, does it meet all the Standards it claims to etc. If so and they are a solar company, they have to be one of the best versus just a company. The number of businesses will grow over time but it has to include companies that are more than just a good one.

Q2. You have been involved in consulting for the transfer to a greener style of living in America but also in a number of other countries. How do you find the difference in approach to green living in countries often with very different cultures?

Seth Leitman: Ah. Interesting question. I think the universal notion of saving cash, an organic non GMO product or saving energy while saving the environment does well in any country.

For the rest of the interview at Green Energy Scotland!

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