The Green Living Guy

Business and innovation can make a real impact on people’s lives. That’s what people like Seth Leitman believe. As an electric car expert known as a green living guru, he shares his deep love for the environment. He also shares his mission to preserve the world we live in.

“I always loved the environment, but over time doing what I love, it became evident that brands and my name had to be one,” explains Seth Leitman, also known as The Green Living Guy®. “A friend of mine too started his TV show and made a name for himself.” Seth runs a company that offers social media services under Green Living Guy Productions, a division of ETS Energy Store LLC. Their services include offering video, flogging, blogging, social media, and most importantly, TV productions.

The Green Living Guy® has been in the field for over twenty-five years. He has worked for NYS on many green efforts and NYSERDA and NYPA. In addition, he has been in the private sector for a while now. His experience has added to his passion and competence as an advocate. One of his regular routines is to make sure that the green cars are in good condition by test driving them. The passionate advocate is also a member of the International Motor Press Association and the local Electric Vehicle Association president.

Growing the Green Industry

Leitman creates and releases his content through his blog, podcast, and consulting firm when he isn’t busy growing his empire. He represents publicly traded companies like GreenPower Motor Company (shown above). Letman is also the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association. Leitman is expanding soon into newer services for C+ CEO types and other forms of consulting. All that is expected to take the company to a new level. One day he realized that this was the evolution of his branding, and so eventually, he became known as Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy®.

As Leitman makes strategic steps to widen the reach of his advocacy and involve as many people as he can, he looks forward to attracting and inviting more people who are into listening to podcasts, electric vehicle enthusiasts, and those interested in green living climate change, plus the environment. He also encourages people who have an EV in Hudson Valley of NY to please sign up and join him in his advocacy.

“Our social media services are bar none; our clients always explode off the charts after our work. Always!” says the passionate advocate of the environment. In the coming years, they are launching several services that will revolutionize their business over the next few years. With this, they hope to make their services more available online to more and more people.

“I want people to know that in NY, I am a natural resource on climate change, the environment, global warming, green living and electric cars. So I am going to be bringing electric cars, buses and another great green tech to NY,” says the Green Living Guy. Seth Leitman is now calling for people working in the area to join in spreading the green revolution. One way is by listening to his podcast The Green Living Guy® by Seth Leitman. Yet, he and his team only aim to help more people go green.

Ryann Pierre

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