Ok folks it’s water and food talk!! President and CEO of Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada, Michael Zacka did a story on Huffington Post business section about water and food.

First of all, Mr. Zacka’s most blog addresses how we will build a better water and food system for the future.  That’s as well as adapt better methods to ensure food and water security. The article originally published in The Huffington Post. Please see this link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-zacka/water-the-most-critical-a_b_3761878.html

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In addition, World Population Day came and went with little fanfare this year. There were no organized efforts to draw attention to the annual United Nations observance. All which underscores population which aka water and food issues.

I mean the sole article on the subject matter-of-factly noted that “global population is growing faster than expected”. So we either need a more robust water and food supply or we are kidding ourselves.

Consequently, that’s as U.N. demographers revised their projections upwards to 9.6 billion by 2050 and 11 billion by 2100. Where’s all this water and food going to come from?

However, there is a cultural shift taking place about water and food. It is revolutionary from companies recognize the impact of such a change. As well as attempting to help make it happen. So Hampton Creek is a food technology company. One that is dedicated to making the food we eat more sustainable and more nutritious. They have conducted extensive research into the properties of plants. All hoping to find ways to use plants to replace animal products in food. For example, their mayonnaise substitute. It’s called Just Mayo, uses a pea plant to provide the structure usually imparted by eggs.

No commodity seems to be more top-of-mind in the American consciousness than fuel. The media also reports its price swings so frequently that I know the numbers by heart. Because today gas is $4.27 per gallon today in greater California. Now crude oil will hit a nine-month peak of $106.11.

So justifiably and consequently we angst continuously over the price of petroleum. However we have forgotten another precious, indispensable and dangerously depleting resources: water and food. In conclusion, and without these life-sustaining substances, nothing else matters.

Finally, the blog was originally published on September 18 (you may access the full link here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-zacka/food-security-raises-the-_b_3948986.html).CEO of Tetra Pack talks food and water

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