Aviator Plugin Hybrid preview embodies Lincoln’s future. As the brand moves toward a portfolio of more utilities. Firstly, it highlights beauty and elegance. As well offering Lincoln’s quietest, smoothest drive yet.

In addition, the Lincoln Aviator is a three-row, rear-wheel-drive. It marks the first time Lincoln will offer a plugin hybrid. Further, it is capable of using its twin-turbocharged engine. YES folks, if needed for those needed easing for range anxiety.

Thereby, this one offers a preview of The Lincoln Motor Company’s newest vehicle. Also and along with a glimpse into the brand’s future. Rather their future is moving toward a broader portfolio of utilities and electrification. They seem to be doing it with effortless services. (Photo: Business Wire)

Aviator glides into New York this week, offering a preview of The Lincoln Motor Company’s newest vehicle along with a glimpse into the brand’s future, which is moving toward a broader portfolio of utilities and electrification with effortless services120

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March 28, 2018 12:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Lincoln Aviator is offering a preview of The Lincoln Motor Company’s newest vehicle. In addition and along with a glimpse into the brand’s future. Looks like it’s moving toward a broader portfolio of utilities and electrification with effortless services.

As more consumers choose the spaciousness and ability of SUVs, Lincoln unveils Aviator. This is a distinctive three-row plugin hybrid production preview. The “teaser” model serves to preview the direction Lincoln plans to take. The newest SUV production model goes on sale next year.

“The Lincoln Navigator continues to turn heads and bring new clients to the brand.” That quote was from Joy Falotico, president, The Lincoln Motor Company. He added that he believes Aviator’s elegant design, latest technology and refined plugin hybrid option are awesome. They will draw even more clients to the Lincoln showroom. That’s including families who are looking for three-row ability.

With its slim, tapered lines, roomy interior, twin-turbocharged powertrain available with an advanced plug-in hybrid option.


Aeronautical inspiration

The Aviator’s name and form language is intentional; aeronautics has long inspired automotive design.


The iridescent Flight Blue exterior color complements Aviator’s elegant, flowing lines, while the signature Lincoln grille , executed in high-gloss black and chrome accents. A wraparound windshield helps complete the aviation-inspired theme.


Inside, Aviator’s spacious, airy cabin accentuates horizontal lines, minimizing visual clutter to deliver a soothing sanctuary. A thoughtfully designed steering wheel is intended for ultimate ease of use, with only subtle finger movements needed to access the many functions it houses.

In addition, Wireless phone charging, Multiple and standard Wi-Fi ensures everyone stays connected.

Built on a rear-wheel-drive platform, Aviator allows for the power and capability luxury clients must in a three-row SUV. The platform also serves to enhance Aviator’s elegant proportions, with a long wheelbase allowing for a spacious second and third row.

The Lincoln powertrain is designed for clients interested in options. A twin-turbocharged engine can be paired with the brand’s first advanced plugin hybrid technology, marking the first time the company will offer a plugin hybrid powertrain mated to a twin-turbocharged engine. This combination of power and electrified capability will help Aviator deliver Lincoln’s quietest, smoothest, most powerful drive yet.

Offering the capability of its twin-turbocharged engine in combination with a hybrid electric powertrain makes Aviator mightier than many supercars on the road today. The plug-in hybrid experience provides for a responsive, refined ride, with no powertrain-induced noise and vibration when operating on battery charge, yet is capable of using its twin-turbocharged engine if needed, easing range anxiety.

Lincoln Aviator Drive Modes allow clients to further customize the drive experience, while a 12-inch standard cluster display confirms the choice with beautiful and dynamic, easy-to-read graphics.

“Lincoln is committed to delivering the innovation and features that luxury consumers expect today,” says Falotico. “And, the Aviator is yet another example of how we are creating an effortless experience for our clients.”

Source: The Lincoln Motor Company, media.lincoln.com or http://www.lincoln.com

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