The Power to Change – 6 Benefits of Utilising Renewable Energy at Home 

We bet that you don’t think about how your home is powered very often, if ever. That’s ok – you aren’t alone. Many Australians don’t put much time or thought into how their lights and air-conditioning stay running. Recent developments in renewable energy have made it worth giving some thought. So more are switching to renewable energy.

However, solar energy in Australia has really taken off. More and more people have made the switch to renewable energy sources to keep the lights on, and for good reason. In case you were thinking of making the switch, here are a few of the perks to ditching fossil fuels for renewables.


Eliminate Energy Bills

When you think of powering your home, the first thing that comes to mind is the bill you get at month’s end. It’s never a pleasure to receive a bill in the post – especially if it’s one that you don’t have to pay at all. How is that, you ask? Simply switching to renewable energy, of course!

By making the switch to renewable energy, you can easily reduce or eliminate your energy bill altogether. As you generate electricity through your solar panels, for example, you tend to generate more than you consume. That extra is traded with your utility, meaning you are at a net zero power consumption level.

Earn Tax Credits

Here in Australia, it’s possible to receive tax credits from the federal government for your renewable energy sources. The Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme helps people pay the upfront costs for solar panel systems in their homes. With grants like this helping you pay for the apparatus, it makes perfect sense why you’d want to switch to renewables.


For many years, the argument against solar and wind-generated power was that it was unreliable. “What if it clouds over” and “what if it’s not windy” were common arguments made at the time – usually by those who supported the use of fossil fuels over everything.

However, with the technology leaping forward in recent years, renewable energy has become immensely reliable. Solar panels are getting smaller, the Tesla battery can store a higher amount of power than ever, and all manner of renewable energies are becoming simpler to implement on homes.


This is the driving force behind switching to renewable energy. It’s the cleanest source of energy, which means it has low or zero carbon or greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuels create noxious fumes and are generally hard on the atmosphere and environment. They are also non-renewable. With solar panels powering your home, there is no carbon footprint.

 Instantly Start Saving

Another benefit to switching to renewable energy is the savings you experience almost instantly. Because you are technically off the power grid, you are now not drawing on the utility’s power supply.

That means that you’re entitled to receive a bonus at the end of each month in lieu of paying a power bill. This means you’ll be saving a lot more money each month simply by using the power of the sun.

Increase the Value of Your Home 

Simply put, adding solar to your home will increase your home’s value. Because renewables are gaining traction year over year, people looking for a home will be interested in purchasing one that will cost them less each month in utilities. In the US, it was found that a home’s value increased by $17,000 USD just because it featured solar panels.

Renewable Energy is Here to Stay

Energy bills are high enough as it is, so why not make a shift that could lower them to zero? Simply moving to renewable energy for your home can help the environment while helping your wallet. Put your trust in renewable power and watch as your energy bills disappear.

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