New Report from Protect Our Winters Links Jobs and Economy to Snow Cover

Skiers Flock to Slopes in Big Snow Years, Adding Jobs and Dollars, While Low Snow Years Mean Fewer Ski Visits and Decreased Revenue

BOULDER, CO–Climate change is impacting both the duration of winter. It’s also affecting the accumulation and quality of snow. So it’s all posing a significant risk to winter sports. Furthermore to American jobs and the economy.

The Economic Contributions of Winter Sports in a Changing Climate, a new report from Protect Our Winters. It clearly shows the impact of climate change on the $20.3 billion snow sports industry. All what the industry is doing to adapt. As well as why urgent action is needed.

Climate Change Impacting $20.3 Billion Dollar U.S. Winter Sports Tourism Industry, Demonstrating Urgent Need For Climate Action

The new report serves as an update to Protect Our Winters’ 2012 analysis with the National Resources Defense Council. All which found that the winter sports tourism industry generates $12.2 billion. Most noteworthy, 23 million Americans participate in winter sports annually. This study furthers our understanding of how warming temperatures have impacted the industry since 2001. Even what the economic value of the industry is today (2015-2016). In conclusion what changes we can expect in the future under high and low emissions scenarios. Finally what the winter sports industry is doing to address the challenge. As well as what the outdoor sports community can do to engage in advocacy and solutions.

“Our hope is that this report will serve as a call to action to the winter sports community and a wake-up call  for politicians who say they care about jobs and the economy, but are stalling on climate” said Mario Molina, Executive Director of Protect Our Winters.

Download the full report:

Source: Protect Our Winters

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