As they write, Climate change and environmental issues are forever a hot topic. I mean that for world leaders, governments and politicians alike. Because it seems over the last decade or so even Joe public has become more environmentally conscious. With the recent appointment of former Irish President Mary Robinson to the position of special envoy for climate change by the UN. All due to a “degree of urgency” we wanted to see if the preaching heads of state practice what they, well preach.

However, In an unprecedented statement of coordinated action from business and cities, states and regions. So the 38 signatories, made up of 12 businesses, 22 cities and four states and regions. All gathered at a dedicated session to therefore signal the start of a leadership movement. Similarly, it’s a movement towards a decarbonized built environment.

Businesses across the world representing US$ 22.95 billion in revenue throughout the building and construction supply chain, have set ambitious targets to cut working carbon emissions from their building portfolios of over 10.7 million square meters by 2030.  This will create a wider market transformation to enable net zero carbon buildings by 2050.

So leaders joined in from some of the world’s biggest cities plus two major regions. They all have committed to enact regulations and/or planning policy. All so that will require all new buildings within their jurisdiction to run at net zero carbon from 2030.

As well as all buildings, including existing, to run at net zero carbon by 2050. Some cities, state and regional governments, have additionally committed to ensure the municipal assets they own, run and develop are net zero carbon by 2030.

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