Energy efficiency continues to be a top priority for education facilities. Yet expensive sustainable options have been historically difficult for k-12 public schools. Especially to finance and achieve.

So thanks to innovations in energy efficient LED lighting technology and high-performance innovations. All that meet standards for rebates and incentives, Sandy Grove Middle School in Lumber Bridge, N.C. installed Cree LED lighting to become the nation’s first net-positive-energy, LEED-platinum-designed, leased public school in the country.

Notable features in the new bulbs include superior lifetimes, with most projected to last 22+ years and some up to 32 years. Color rendition is improved, with smoother, quieter dimming to levels as low as 1 percent. Cree’s market-leading “Candlelight Dimming,” available in the new candelabra bulb, mimic’s a true candle flame with a warmer 1800K color when dimmed.

Cree bulbs meet or surpass the requirements for ENERGY STAR® product certification and are covered by a 10 year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee – one of the strongest warranties in the industry. The new bulb portfolio includes new A-lamps, BR lamps, PAR lamps and Candelabra lamps, as well as a new series of recessed downlight retrofit products.

Also, Cree LED bulbs are available this month, online and in-store, at The Home Depot®. Please visit to learn more.

 Lighting one of the First Energy-Positive Schools – Cree

Cree, along with developer Firstfloor and designer SfL+a Architects, helped the school save 55 percent on energy usage. Thereby adding into the school’s complete savings of an expected $16 million on its energy bills. That’s over the life of the building.

This is the beginning of net positive institutions using LED lighting technology. As well as a worldwide shift to energy-efficient lighting. Because it’s lowering electricity demand by more than 1,000 terawatt-hours and reducing CO2 emissions by 530 million tons annually.

Consequently all due to the decreased energy need to power the same light output. That’s without adding additional heat, benefiting other systems such as HVAC.

Cree LED Lighting one of the First Energy-Positive Schools – Cree

Source: Cree with paid permission in partnership for #CreateWithCree

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  1. One of the easiest ways to save energy on lighting is to NOT OVER-LIGHT commercial spaces, which tend to be significantly over-lit with fluorescent lighting.

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