As our respective family sizes and dwelling spaces expand, our surrounding open space gradually reduces. Therefore, as a space deprived gardener, you need to take a step of utilizing every inch of the limited available space. As well as vertical gardens even sparingly magnify the space. All with resilient and striking features.
vertical green living gardens. artificial plant walls

Vertical gardening is a perfect way to do so. It dates back to 500 BC and since then, it has revolutionized by leaps and bounds.

It is becoming an increasingly popular feature in most built-up towns and urban areas. Ideally, vertical gardens offer you an opportunity to cultivate and remain connected to nature whether you live on the ground floor or 15th floor.

Besides being space savvy, artificial green or living walls transform any outdoor or indoor surrounding with a fresh and inviting appeal. Perhaps, it is a surefire way that you can enhance the overall appeal of your building while promoting greener living. The benefits of artificial living green walls cannot be overemphasized.

Here are some of the environmental benefits:

Improved outdoor and indoor air quality
Healthy fresh air is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. However, what happens when the quality of the air we breathe is compromised? Conditions such as allergies and asthma among others are more likely to arise. If you live in a built-up urban area, then setting up your living green wall is a worthy step you can take in promoting healthy and greener living for you and your family. Plants are perfect natural air filters that take carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is beneficial to us. They also help filter and oxygenate the air leaving it clean and fresh.
green living vertical gardens

Additionally, artificial wall plants create a cooler and healthier environment with a calming effect. They act as perfect natural insulators that shade the walls of your home thus resulting in controlled temperatures. The temperatures of a home with artificial wall plants do not exceed 10 degrees. They also eliminate heat and reflective light. If you live in areas with extreme temperature conditions, you can save your monthly heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, artificial plant walls also help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. This is environmentally friendly and ideal your daily health.

Water management
Water management is the biggest benefit you can get from artificial plant walls. Vertical gardens use hydroponic or drip irrigation system. Therefore, any excess water is collected at the bottom in a tray. You can recycle the collected water by taking it back to the garden. Practically, there are no water wastages. Moreover, since there are no runoffs from artificial plant walls, no pollutants are released into the natural waterways in case of a storm. If you want to promote greener living, then it is the best way to go. Here’s a nice guide on making your own system

Little or no pest infestation
Pest infestation is a major drawback that scares away most gardeners. Pests are detrimental not only to your plants but to your health and that of your family. However, this is not an issue to worry about in vertical gardening since pests do not get any access to your plants; hence, there are no serious health problems. The absence of pests implies that you do not have to use any pesticides or insecticides to control them. This translates to a greener living environment.

Reduced fungus, mildew, and mold
Fungus, mold, and mildew can be very challenging to control once they grow in your living premises. Vertical herbs or artificial plant walls are placed outdoors hence control the circulation of air outdoors and indoors. Mold, mildew, and fungi, therefore, do not find favorable conditions to thrive.

Reduced noise levels
The bustles and hustles of urban life, the hooting of machine engines and entertainment and much more result in elevated noise levels. This makes urban living unfavorable sometimes. Perhaps, you must have seen plants grown along the highways and roads. Similarly, artificial plant walls help block noise hence diminishing low-frequency sounds. Artificial plant walls like these are excellent insulators that refract and reflect noise away and absorb acoustic energy.

Artificial plant walls are easy to maintain, provide a consistent cover and are durable. They are the best decorative elements you can have around your home. If you are that person that loves nature, then this is the best way you can appreciate it. There is a vast range of plant wall options to choose. Selecting the right one that matches your style of living is the best move in appreciating the environment. Make living green with artificial plant walls.

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