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By: Jona Miranda Jone
Writer for the Communities at Washington Times

Globalization has led to the rising trends of urban living. Several landscape, architectural planners, professional and household entities have been into the modernization of “city” or “urban” lifestyles in recent couple of decades. Do you remember the times when you were ever just contented living in the countryside doing farming? Gone were the days when the society just settles in to the peacefulness, quietness and simplicity of country or rural residential set-up. Since the approach of the modern ages, especially, upon the dawning of the 21st century, the world’s population has been craving for the energy, fun and active city life that keep them up all day and night! Countless party cravers yearn for the excitement that the entertainment hubs like restaurants, shopping malls and night clubs the city offers. The craving for these privileges just never stops as the urban population continues to grow.

Sustainability In Urban Living- It Is Possible!

Yes, it is exciting to live in city. You can feel the excitement by just playing the thoughts of what it would be like to live in a huge and lively city. However, as more and more people desire to live in the city, questions pertaining to sustainability begin to arise. How does the society combat the sustainability ills of the city, such as pollution and degradation to the natural resources?

According to Time magazine’s Bryan Walsh, in 2008, for the first time, more than half of the people globally, was living in cities. A newspaper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences studies showed that urban living would continue to increase in the coming decades. Experts have inculcated strong doubts whether or not sustainable cities are still feasible, given these studies. As an increased number of people desire to live in the cities, the world’s population begins to forget the essence of making efforts to maintain an “eco-friendly” environment.

It is encouraged not to lose hope, though. As long as the population will make efforts, sustainable living is possible despite rampant urbanization. It may take a lot of hard work, but this goal is within reach. Among the most popular type of urbanization is a condo lifestyle. One of the major hurdles in condo sustainability is the crisis in developing an energy efficient home design. Dwellers are concerned with the huge usage of electricity and the rising electricity bills, while at the same time, maintaining their desire to live in the comforts of their condo.

Condominiums are the leading dwelling types that pose high energy usage. Condo residents live in enclosed spaces, without much outdoor lighting. This makes them have the need to use more energy in their unit than other dweller types. Residents whose condo buildings are skyscrapers also consume a sizable amount of energy. This especially happens during the summer time, when these residents become more prone to turn on the fan and air conditioner. Residents get the unbearable heat of the sun shining down through the windows atop their units.

LED bulbs from GE for urban living and sustainability

Condo residents experience additional heat if they use the regular electricity-based light bulbs. Residents may opt to use energy-efficient or LED light bulbs. All to lessen the light heat at their condo. That’s while at the same time, giving them sufficient lighting. LED light bulbs produce 90 % less energy and 90 % less heat. Most importantly they last 100 times longer than the electricity-based light bulbs.

recycling for urban living with sustainability

Recycling is a good habit that can aid in achieving and maintaining a sustainable urban environment. Instead of throwing away soda cans and other reusable containers, recycle them to help mother earth, while at the same time, finding good use for such objects. Eat healthy and simple helping of foods in order to minimize the costs of production of food consumption that may just end up to become left-overs. Efficient energy use largely depends on how you construct your home design. It is always helpful to build a condo or urban dwelling through the use of sustainable architectural tools. Prioritize setting up appliances that can give you sufficient energy and functionality around your place, while at the same time, giving you the benefit of lowered electricity bills. According to Tim Carter, a contributor to The Washington Post, the construction of a central vacuum to your condo greatly saves you energy usage when cleaning your unit.

In any urban or condo dwelling sustainability, the global society heavily depends on transportation for mobility. Cars and other modes of transportation pervade city living. According to KPMG, future driverless cars will be more fuel-efficient. This is because robots are automatically more efficient drivers than humans, thus, avoiding traffic jams and road accidents. According to studies conducted by The Rocky Mountain Institute the minimized wind drag from vehicles driving close together on the road reduces fuel usage within 20 to 30 percent:

The only available commercial driverless car in the market today is an open-air commuter shuttle. You would get to experience the inconvenience of having to wait in line, to commute in this mode of transportation. The fruits of the hard work will be all worth it, though, once you get to contribute to the sustainability of the urban living set-up.

Sustainable Urbanization Gives You Bigger Savings

Several urban property developers have been into designing sustainable buildings that can still match the budget of the market, as the world’s economic crisis spreads in several countries all over the world. Innovative structures are adapting through the needs of time. Especially as the world’s population inculcate the needs to save money. Because it’s all the while living the kind of urban sustainability.

In fact, the 2007-2008 global financial crisis originated in the United States and spread to the other parts of the world. It arose partly due to the booming global budget allocated for affordable real estate market. The global financial crisis was further aggravated by over three billion people who live in poverty. Thereby living on less than $2.50 per day.

Building and property architecture that are economical and sustainable has become common. Most interestingly in a developing countries. It is not uncommon to hear about a double story building, made up of available local stone and oil. Thereby giving a low-cost model home for the poor people. This architectural type has benefited several people in developing nations to lead a sustainably comfortable. As well as affordable housing, preventing degrading urban living lifestyles. Condominiums and building in key cities in developed nations are encouraged to adapt this affordable and sustainable urbanized architectural design. This is because the costs of living in the city which include, but, are not limited to, rental and utility payments, have been on the rise. Adapting this type of architectural design would minimize the flaws in urban dwellings that they may have. Consequently, developed nations may continually reach out to eradicate homelessness in urban areas.

Sustainability As It Gives You Harmony and Recreation

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUDS further enhance the construction of green architecture sustainability dwellings. These systems divert from the conventional routing runoff through a pipe to a watercourse. These sustainable systems prevents leaking, hence, avoiding inconvenient incidents of affecting the pipelines connecting through your neighbor’s.

Structures of sustainability in urbanization. They do not need to suffer with the advent of modern technology. Instead of using a personal computer while you are at home, why not opt to use a laptop or an iPad? Doing so would allow you to save energy. Especially  as you would not need to plug your device.  Also use an electrical outlet all the time to be able to use it.

Green living is actually an attainable process. Even despite extensive urbanization. All you need to do is execute your creativity and resourcefulness. Especially in constantly finding ways to live green in the city. Constantly keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in urban sustainability. That’s because it helps in enhancing awareness. Particularly, seek out information on the 2019 post-sustainable urbanization from verifiable influencers. For example, the United Nations System Task Team. Also several members of the global population suffer various healths, economic and social problems. Consequently due to sustainability problems. These problems arise due to the depletion of resources and the hazardous effects related to the absence of sustainability. It is important to recognize that sustainability trends. That’s because they are always dynamically-evolving and changing to make things better. Several innovative influencers and experts are always coming up of ways to uniquely keep sustainability in the face of growing urbanization. Finally, thanks to these influential people. Because it is not so difficult anymore to enjoy urbanization at its best.

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