According to a poll by, over 30 percent of respondents currently live in an eco-friendly residence. That’s as well as an energy-efficient home. Moreover, nearly 85 percent of those surveyed said they would like to own eco-friendly home. But even those who don’t live in eco-friendly homes are making changes. All to go green by adding energy-efficient to the home with appliances and lighting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market for eco-friendly products, appliances and energy-efficient gadgets to turn up the green on your home. From window treatments to non-toxic mattresses, here are five ways to make your home a more eco-friendly place to live.


Upgrade your windows to energy-efficient hole alternatives. All to improve your home’s energy efficiency. As well as finally lower your bills at the same time. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends selecting windows with both low U-factors and low SMGCs. Thereby maximizing energy savings in both cold and hot seasons.
Green living improve Home energy efficient home.
Next, make sure all windows are properly caulked. I mean as well as sealed and hung properly. That’s going to keep your home as energy efficient as possible. So once your home is outfitted with energy-efficient windows, Then it’s time to dress them appropriately. Consider heavy thermal drapes to help seal in your energy in every season.

Signature decor

The decor you use in your home can be eco-friendly, even if it’s not specifically designed for its energy-saving qualities. Choose eye-catching wall tapestries to capture your signature style. Tapestries are also a fashionable alternative to paint that could otherwise cause toxic fumes and and requires paint thinners and strippers that give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

You can also get inspired by nature to start decorating. A bowl of colorful pebbles or seashells from a beachside walk freshens up a bathroom or living room table. Meanwhile, a small bud vase with wildflowers from your backyard with a few twigs gives your home a rustic chic feel.

Air-purifying floors

Your floors can actually help purify the air. That’s as well as increase your home’s indoor air quality. That’s by up to 85 percent. Lauzon Pure Genius creates the same effect of having three trees inside your home. Their floors are manufactured without solvents, VOCs or formaldehyde. Consider their Titanium finish flooring with a light-activated, air-purifying agent made from titanium dioxide to integrate into the floor’s finish and help purify your air.

Home energy monitoring systems

Monitor the house to make for an energy efficient home with CURB. The device plugs directly into your circuit breaker panel to give you real-time data on the energy your home is using. CURB can also give you better insights into which appliances may be eating up the most energy. So go for an energy efficient home and determine what to replace. All for more energy efficient options and an energy efficient home.

The Nest thermostat can also help monitor the energy used in your home.  In addition it’ll learn your behaviors. Then it’ll shift patterns to adjust. Once the Nest knows you leave for work at the same time everyday, it can lower the cooling or heating until you return to help maximize your energy.

Green mattresses

It’s easy to overlook that the mattress you sleep on. For it may come with petroleum-based polyurethane foam. As well as toxic fire retardants and chemical adhesives. All to name a few.

Avocado Green Mattress creates eco-friendly, non-toxic mattresses. Those that are handmade to order and created from organic material. Mattresses are air-compressed and shipped directly to your home in a box. And as an added bonus, the company will also even recycle your old mattress. Thereby setting for a truly eco-friendly experience and restful night’s sleep.

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