We know Americans are making an effort to recycle today more than ever.

But how do we feel about their effort to recycling? And can we be doing more of it?

From America Recycles Day back on Nov. 15th, the Environmental Industry Associations commissioned the respected research organization Harris Interactive. All to survey Americans on their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to recycling. The survey data showed that Americans are overwhelmingly positive about recycling; but that we also need to expand recycling in public places.

  1. Americans are proud making an effort to recycle and want to recycle
  2. There is a positive, pent-up energy to recycle with pride in an overwhelming majority of Americans.
  3. 82% feel proud when they recycle.
  4. 62% feel guilty when trashing something they could have recycled.
  5. 74% will make an extra effort to recycle outside their homes.
  6. Americans are recycling at work, but less successfully “on the go”.

Americans have mixed results recycling outside their homes, showing they may lack access to recycling options.

recycleAmericans are Proud to Recycle When They Can

More than half are “often successful” recycling at work, but much fewer are successful in other public places.

Recycling isn’t yet a “no-brainer” for most Americans

Americans are split on whether they will toss recyclable items in the trash if they can’t find a recycling bin nearby, or whether they will keep the items until they can recycle them later.

What can we do about it?
Americans are recycling, want to recycle, feel good when recycling, and will try to recycle outside their homes. We need to make recycling options accessible to the point that recycling that can or bottle in your hand becomes a no-brainer.

We need more recycling options on our main streets and in our shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, airports, gas stations and other public spaces. Contact your local waste company, businesses, fellow residents and community leaders and let them know you are proud to recycle. Together, we can all partner to make more public recycling options a reality.

Source: Begin With The Bin