ACH Foam Technologies has changed the insulation industry by releasing Foam-Control Plus+. It’s an architectural grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation that’s used in a wide variety of applications.

With a range of compressive strengths and a high R-value, Foam-Control Plus+ is for architects, designers, and contractors. Moreover and all with a rigid insulation alternative that offers the same strength, energy efficiency and moisture resistance.

In addition and all they have come to rely on at a lower cost than other comparable products. For example extruded polystyrene insulation. This is a great long-term advantage that ACH Foam Technologies backs with a 50-year R-value warranty vs typical 20-yr warranties.


It also consistently shows its ability to maintain its R-value. While exposed to moisture EPS insulation is also more permeable than XPS; their competition. All which means that it releases moisture more easily. However, Foam-Control Plus+ also holds its R-value. That’s way better over the life of the product.


There are several jobsite advantages of using Foam-Control Plus+.
ACH Foam Technologies introduced faced labeling to the EPS insulation market. This labeling shows their UL certifications. Also their ASTM type and compressive strength. Moreover their R-value and whether the panel contains termite-resistant treatment. Finally or is it pre-scored.

So Foam-Control Plus+ provides contractors and installers have the ability to break apart sections on the jobsite. Thereby giving them more flexibility. Also saving installation time, and reducing jobsite waste.


For the environmentally minded, Foam-Control Plus+ has never contained:

or dyes.

Is it recyclable?

Yes Foam Control Plus+ is easily recyclable. So users can take any discarded pieces back to the production process. Then they can remake new sheets.

In addition. EPS can also contain up to 15% recycled content. In 2013 alone, ACH Foam Technologies recycled 5.4 million pounds of EPS.

In addition they are a closed-loop manufacturer. That means that all scraps are recycled into new EPS products or densified. Therefore, they are turned into other plastic products.

So certainly ACH Foam Technologies is a closed-loop manufacturer. In other words, all scraps are either densified or recycled. That’s into new EPS  recycled 5.4 million pounds  of  EPS!


How about LEED points?

In conclusion, the product gets points related to LEED in a number of ways depending on the project and product application. Obviously, the recycled material content could apply.  As well, potentially many other things dependent on the specific project. Like materials purchased within a certain distance to the job site. All high performance building envelope and thermal comfort. As well as the other factors that make insulation essential.

Source: ACH Foam Technologies

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