As Sundance explains the movie: Early in the morning of November 8, 2018, a spark flies into the parched brush of the Sierra Nevada foothills. With little warning, flames are everywhere. Fierce diablo winds shower burning embers as house after house becomes a violent inferno. Propane tanks explode as desperate citizens grab their most precious possessions and jump into their vehicles hoping to escape.

With unfathomable, harrowing footage, Academy Award–winning filmmaker Ron Howard pulls the viewer into the driver’s seat. All to experience the terror and also the helplessness of devastated refugees. Consequently and ironically from a town with the ironic name of Paradise and a movie called Rebuilding Paradise.

In addition, eighty-five lives were lost that day. Moreover in what ultimately becomes the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.

In the movie Rebuilding Paradise and over the course of a year is the movie. It shows survivors from Paradise cope with shared trauma. As well as displacement, and uncertainty about the future.

Yet slowly, with sheer grit and determination, they begin to rebuild their lives. As well as redefine the meaning of home. Rebuilding Paradise is a testament to the power of the human spirit from one of our most gifted filmmakers.

I mean Ron Howard. An Academy Award–, Golden Globe–, Emmy Award–, and Grammy Award–winning filmmaker. Ron Howard is one of this generation’s most popular directors. I know him from the Andy Griffith Show to Happy Days as a kid. Now he’s an amazing soul.

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From the critically acclaimed dramas A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, and Frost/Nixon to the hit comedies Parenthood and Splash.

Man he has created some of Hollywood’s most memorable films but Rebuilding Paradise is a climate change real life horror film with growth, recovery, resilience and strength like no other!

Howard’s upcoming projects include the film adaptation of New York Times best seller Hillbilly Elegy, starring Glenn Close and Amy Adams.

So National Geographic is the host of the movie, please note this is an essential movie.

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For example, NVCF’s Relief and Recovery Efforts. The North Valley Community Foundation has awarded more than $30 million in grants since the Camp Fire via the Butte Strong Fund, Camp Fire Relief Fund and donor-designated funds.

As the California volunteers say, now that the Camp Fire has been fully contained, we must begin looking down the long road to recovery for Butte County. The devastation left in the wake of this fire is vast and will be affecting survivors for years to come. California Volunteers would like to thank the companies, foundations, NGO’s and the public for their willingness to step up to help the survivors of this devastating wildfire. There is still a monumental amount of work to be done. Information on how to continue supporting survivors can be found at the links below. We will continue to update this page through the recovery phase.

The Other Reason Why I moved this movie! Besides being personally given my tickets to see the movie by his production company. It was the care and brilliance he won’t into talking about everyone. You have to understand the HELL these people went through to get away from this Shitshow.

I’ll repeat again. “With unfathomable, harrowing footage, Academy Award–winning filmmaker Ron Howard pulls the viewer into the driver’s seat. All to experience the terror. As well as the helplessness of devastated refugees.

All from a town with the ironic name of Paradise. Most noteworthy, eighty-five lives were lost. All in “what ultimately becomes the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.”

It was scary AF to watch. I can’t even put into words how scared I was for these people. Those that had to flee for their lives forget cherished possessions. All due to the pure and unadulterated destructive path of this purely terroristic war like experience of fear. I mean just a true real life horror film. I was shaking after I saw this piece. Shaking.

I mean the Blair Witch Project was a Horror film attempting to bring you into the persons lives who died in a movie.

This was real life.

Yet, it’s what we are becoming folks. We must watch this to reforest. Yet reforestation across the County and for California. However in smart safe ways. We cannot have forest fires like this again. Ever! But these fires continue all over the world. Common people. This has got to stop with us. Please. Plant a tree!


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