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Solar panels create a ‘green’ pollution-free source for heat, light and electricity.  The technology has been around for quite a while. In fact, we already rely on solar power for many of the gadgets we use everyday because satellites utilize solar. For example, cell phones, GPS systems and satellite TV.  Large corporations are now relying on solar to power their plants and factories. Major league ballparks are also using it to power LED scoreboards. So what has been keeping the average homeowner from installing solar panels on their home?  Hands down, the answer is the upfront cost to install the solar panels.

The growth of solar programs

Thanks to leaps in technology over the years, solar panels are more within your financial reach than you may think. Consider the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from American Vision Solar™.  It’s a brilliant, cost-effective program that helps homeowners take advantage of solar panels with little to no upfront costs.  By signing an American Vision Solar PPA, qualifying homeowners will get professional installation of the highest quality solar panels on their home. This allows them to immediately reap all of the amazing benefits solar has to offer.

“A lower carbon footprint, significant monthly cost savings and added home value are just a few significant reasons why homeowners are taking the plunge to go green with solar,” says Bill Herren, President and CEO for American Vision Solar.  “And the new PPA from American Vision Solar now makes it possible for virtually every homeowner to benefit from solar panels, with little to no money down as well as no hassle with ongoing maintenance.”

Tesla solar panels on a home. Photo copyrights belong to Tesla.

How does it work?

American Vision Solar works with Solar PPA Companies who literally purchase the solar panels for you. They act as your local energy company. For instance, they will collect your monthly utility bill (PPA Payment) as well as any applicable state/local incentives. By simply letting someone else pay for the system, you have no initial investment. The PPA Company will handle all the paperwork involved, plus pro-actively monitor the system and be responsible for any repairs and maintenance over the 20 year term. Included is production guarantee, inverter replacement and full-system insurance. And the biggest benefit of all is that your PPA payment. It’s guaranteed to be LESS than your local Southern California Edison (SCE) bill without solar. Over a period of 20 years, the solar panels will provide a huge rate of return on investment!

Husband and wife team Bill and Kathleen Herren began providing homeowners with
energy-efficient solutions with their window sales and installation company, American Vision Windows™.  Now, more than ten years and 30,000 satisfied customers later, the company has expanded its unmatched service to its other brands that will help revolutionize the home improvement industry: American Vision Solar and American Vision Garages™.

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