Let’s hear it for GreenBiz and my buddy Sarah Golden. For she wrote a great piece on GreenBiz. Just couldn’t pass it up.

The piece on GreenBiz starts with “can advanced energy technologies save Californians?”Here’s where it gets Funny! from reliving the fustercluck of the Public Safety Power Shutoffs of 2019?

GreenBiz piece from Sarah Golden on California power Shutoffs

This was the (paraphrased) central question. All of the California Energy Commission’s energy resilience forum in Long Beach this week.

The tone was both realistic and aspirational. The California Energy Commission (CEC) understands the urgency of the situation and gets California’s position of leadership. It wants to be out front on the issue (or as out front as an institution can be in a society that started planning 20 years too late).

The day left me hopeful about the suite of technological solutions available and reeling over the complexities of bringing them to scale. Here are the four conversations I’d like to address to understand how we get there from here. 

How do we finance energy resilience?

We’re collectively coming to the realization that climate resilience is more valuable than just the cost of a watt. Last year’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs revealed a sliver of the cost of inaction. 

California wildfires.

“The effect of wildfires extend far beyond property damage and loss of life,” said Adam Rose, a research professor at USC’s Price School of Policy and director of CREATE, an organization that conducts economic analysis of terrorism events. “Business interruptions start when a wildfire begins. But they continue until you’ve recovered.”

In addition to the immediate halt of business, ripple effects occur through the economy — including supply chain disruptions and loss of productivity.

In conclusion and just as important (but harder to quantify) are the human costs. That’s such as displaced populations. Also post-traumatic stress disorder and the rise of illness and disease associated with the fires. All these things add up.

For the entire story from GreenBiz and Sarah Golden!

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