So let’s talk solar canopy here. Solar Carport goes Clean energy direct from your driveway to your EV! Because Tesla, Volvo, and BMW have pledged support. That’s all for building affordable electric vehicles (EVs). Yet, deploying clean EV charging at home is still a problem. For it remains complex and expensive. Thereby serving as a roadblock to widespread adoption.

Solar carport EV canopy charging with solar

So consequently, Canadian startup Renewz has set out to change this. Their product, iSun Oasis. For it is a solar canopy and carport. One that captures solar power and sends it to the home grid. Thereby reducing both carbon footprint and energy bills.

Solar canopy in your drivewaySolar carport




As I’ve written before, even Vattenfall aims to become a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure operator. Yet in collaboration with partners. Vattenfall announcing a major new partnership with leading car manufacturer Volvo Cars. In addition with the aim to make EV charging easier at home.

Vattenfall and Volvo offer all Volvo’s plug-in hybrid customers in Sweden the charging solution. The “InCharge Smart home” directly through Volvo’s “Min Volvo” online site. Cause today about 90 percent of all charging takes place at work or at home. You can use the solar canopy and this to charge!!

So back to the oasis solar carport. For it can be easily installed on the driveway. In conclusion, it can also be expanded. That’s for accessories, including an EV charger. Finally, smart lighting, electrical outlets, bluetooth speakers, and more. The aluminum structure also extends the use of outdoor areas by protecting from heat, rain, snow and UV (see media kit).

iSun Oasis company’s website