Musim Mas Group is the first Southeast Asian producer to complete verification and demonstrate its proof of concept of responsible palm oil, says Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG).

Singapore – The Musim Mas Group is the first Southeast Asian company to produce palm oil. All according to the high standards for responsible palm oil established by the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG).

The organizations Musim Mas’ oil palm plantations also have been independently verified. All against the POIG’s leading criteria for responsible palm oil production. The standards also include ‘No Deforestation. That’s as well as No Peatland Development and No Exploitation’ (NDPE).

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“This is a big moment for the palm oil industry. Now, Musim Mas is also able to supply POIG-verified oil from its plantations in Asia. All moreover and alongside leading innovative producers Agropalma and Daabon. That which supply POIG-verified oil from South America. That came from Elizabeth Clarke. Elizabeth WWF’s Lead on Palm Oil. “Meanwhile we call on palm oil buyers to increase their efforts. Efforts to procure and use POIG verified oil in their operations.”

The Musim Mas Group first joined POIG in 2015. In addition, worked to gain verification through a rigorous third-party assessment. The company is  based in Singapore. Also its business operations and activities include every part of the palm oil supply chain. Its verified plantations are in Indonesia. All producing 700,000 tonnes of POIG. Most noteworthy, verified responsible palm oil, a relevant part of its total palm oil processed and traded.

“It also demonstrates to buyers that it is possible to produce palm oil that adheres to the highest standards. Standards moreover for protecting forests. As well as peatlands, biodiversity and carbon. All the while upholding the rights of local communities and also workers. As well as improving livelihoods. Comments came from Annisa Rahmawati. Annisa, Senior Forests Campaigner with Greenpeace South East Asia.

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“POIG’s vision is aligned with our goal to realize a credible palm oil supply chain. We made a commitment to work on our third-party supply base in the long term via the POIG Traders and Processors Charter. All which is being developed,” said Dr Gan Lian Tiong, Director, Musim Mas.

Source: POIG, download this statement, click here., April 11, 2019

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