There are a variety of travel-related careers that enable sustainable living. All while allowing you to see and experience the world around you. It’s true that travel of any kind creates a carbon footprint via fossil fuel usage. But, there are several career paths that make up for that. It’s through the benefits of what you are contributing to mankind. On balance, it cancels out any qualms you may have about a career that requires a lot of travel.

1. Traveling nurse:
There are many jobs in the medical profession that allow for travel. Services like those featured at help medical professionals find these opportunities for employment in remote locations. From nonprofit vaccinators to doctors working in the field. A traveling nurse profession has a lot to offer. Such as the ability to travel and contribute to the rest of the world.

Medical traveling professions always need eco-friendly people on their team. The carbon footprint of traveling from place to place may create concern for you. But the truth is that a healthy population is more ready and able to focus on sustainable living. While you’re there you can create steps in your own life. For example, composting and recycling in order to reduce your own personal carbon footprint. The good that you would be bringing to people in need would eventually cancel out the harms of traveling.

The world needs more teachers–this is a plain and simple fact. The world starving for information that is accurate and the knowledge on how to interpret that information. Therefore, teaching through an organization that permits and encourages travel is one of the best ways to go. While you’re abroad, inform the masses about the best ways to live sustainably. You will also have the opportunity to make a very real difference in the lives of students everywhere.

3. Writer

While being a traveling writer still leads to a large carbon footprint, there are ways to reduce this footprint through your daily life that will help you to feel better about this profession. Traveling writers such as freelance environmental journalists go to where they are needed and they go to where they will learn something. Traveling somewhere to report on a different culture or way of life is a noble profession and celebrates one of the things that make this world so beautiful: diversity! By blogging or detailing your adventures on a social media platform, the potential reach that you will have as a traveling writer will provide you with a platform to educate others on the ways in which you are traveling sustainably (smaller luggage, eating less meat, recycling, reusing, etc.). Using this audience and writing important content to spread the word on matters of importance really help the benefits of this profession to outweigh the harms of a carbon footprint created by travel.

4. Volunteer with a Nonprofit: There are nonprofits such as WWOOF International that set you up with a host family where you can volunteer on sustainably managed and confirmed farms. This is a great opportunity to learn how people in other cultures live and since your home and food will be provided to you, it is a great way to get out and see the world while also aiding in the effort to provide sustainable solutions and farming around the world. They provide opportunities for all people and all careers and the work being done most definitely outweighs the harms of traveling there.

We all have a part to play in maintaining the security and balance of our planet, but that doesn’t mean limiting yourself to a life of boredom. It’s important to see the earth that we are protecting. Using careers such as those mentioned above, you can really create a difference in this world while also helping others.