Electric vehicles soar


Electric vehicle future tech is here now. Because If we take a look at the history of the world, it’s easy to spot some of the more significant events that have helped us make unprecedented leaps into the future.

Take the wheel, or the steam engine, or burning oil for fuel – all three of these inventions have helped us get where we are today and become a technologically advanced species that is still exponentially advancing.

However, when we invented the wheel or started burning fuels, we had no idea where these developments were going to take us.

The present of transportation

The Present of Transportation


Research from 2017 shows us that 28.9% of all greenhouse gas emission in the US was due to modern transportation.

These numbers vary across the world, but the underlying truth is very clear – we are slowly (but very surely) condemning our planet to a slow and painful death.

Our generation is also witnessing some of the more apparent consequences of the greenhouse effect: melting ice caps, the rise in global temperatures, wildfires, deforestation, and the extinction of so many species.

While luckily, we have come to our senses somewhat and have started trying to limit the damage we are doing, only time will tell if what we are doing is enough.

But let’s not adopt an apocalyptic view, and explore instead why electric vehicles are the future, and how they will help the environment:

Electric cars

Image source:https://unsplash.com/photos/axTvnbgRlAk

Electric, and even plug-in hybrid cars while still considered an option for the rich and famous only. Yet less and less people are saying that. Especially a couple of short years ago.

However, today, electric cars are becoming much more affordable. Then moreover; much more the norm.

EVs Rock

They are so much better for the environment than cars burning fuel to get from A to B. However they are also cheaper to run. Moreover electricity is more affordable than diesel or petrol. A gas engine is 25-27 percent efficiency.  An electric motor is 95-97% efficiency.

More and more electric vehicle charging stations are popping up all over the world. Thereby making it even easier to fuel your green ride.

In most cases, one charge will last around a hundred miles. All which is more than enough to get you to work and back more often than not. Especially as around 80% of drivers will drive less than 40 miles in a day.

Battery EVs are Cleaner

There are also hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles you can look into. Yet hydrogen is a gas and as the name itself suggests. Of course, you can go for a plug-in hybrid as well. For that’s the switch to burning petrol once your battery gets low. However it is still not the greenest option available.

Of course, we also have to note that running on electricity is still not completely green. Yet in most state’s it’s pretty darn green. I’m talking 110 MPGe in New York. Near my house is mostly 76 MPGe.

Yet when I get an EV I have solar and Powerwalls. So that same electricity is generated on my panels and Powerwalls. Then if you have a combined solar carport, game over!  Because the more middle America switches to solar, wind, geothermal and tidal all bets are off.

However, the fact remains that electric vehicles are better for the environment than traditional cars. That’s with electric trucks and other options also being developed. So we are expecting to see a lot more development in the field. Especially in our own lifetime alone. Also we may look forward to watching all-electric cars race on FIA. OR NASCAR too and on a track.

Electric bikes


There’s another option that is even better than the electric car. Now although it’s meant to carry one passenger at a time; it is certainly not as fast.

Electric bikes are an excellent way to get around large cities (which also tend to be the most polluted). It might sound a bit counterintuitive. Although you wouldn’t you want to be shut in a car if the air is bad?  Because if more people were to switch to electric bikes in the largest of metropolises big. Because pollution rates would significantly drop.

The electric bike is easy to store, as there are plenty of foldable models available, and it is easy to use. Depending on the model you choose, it will be able to carry you for several dozen miles on battery alone, and you can, of course, always switch to pedaling if you run out of charge.

The beauty of the e-bike is that it is also the healthier option (second only to walking). As you pedal to work or to run various errands, it will help you get your daily dose of exercise if you use your own power to propel it.

Of course, biking might take up more time than driving. But if we’re hoping to save the planet, we need to rework the way we live and work altogether – and that will certainly take some time.

In Conclusion

It seems like the future of transportation is certainly electric. So we will still need some time to figure out the best ways to utilize the technology. Especially of electric vehicles future tech we currently have at our disposal. Rather than rushing in and making the same mistake we did with mass-producing traditional cars, we need to think long and hard how to best put our electric vehicles to good use and stop harming our home.

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