Are you looking to find ways to going greener home and lifestyle? Whether you’re horrified at the amount of plastic in the oceans, looking to make your town a greener place to live or just want to reduce the amount of money you spend on energy each month, going greener in your home. For it is the best place to start. And there are many things that you can do at home to be more environmentally friendly, whether it’s small things like recycling more or making big changes like installing solar panels on your roof.

Whatever your reasons for going greener in your home; we’ve got a list of the best ways to do it. 

Generate Renewable Energy With Solar Panels

Solar panels are the best way to generate renewable, clean energy. All from the sun for a greener powering of your home. Rather than getting energy powered by fossil fuels from the grid. So your home will make and use its own energy all day long just because the sun is shining.


It’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make. Especially because along with being much better for the planet. Because the energy your home generates will be completely free. That’s meaning you’ll eventually make back what you paid for the panels and more over time. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of solar, check out the solar panels available from Semper Solaris. They are a solar power company located in California, providing solar panels and solar panel installation to residents in Sacramento and beyond.

Cut Down on Non-Reusable Plastic:

Single-use plastic is one of the biggest environmental concerns these days, and if you’ve seen photos and videos of gorgeous beaches covered in plastic rubbish that’s going to take billions of years to finally biodegrade, you probably want to do whatever you can about it. 

The best way to tackle the plastic problem our planet is going through is simple: Stop using single-use plastic. Although it might sometimes be inevitable if your only option when buying food from the store is a plastic-wrapped version, there are many steps you can take to at least cut down on the amount of plastic you use as much as possible.

  1. Buy a reusable water bottle: single-use plastic water bottles are a big part of the problem. Plus, a reusable water bottle is much cheaper than buying a single plastic bottle every time you need hydration. Get a water filter too, so you can get clean water from the faucet every day. 

2. Use cloths and rags for cleaning: Cleaning wipes might be convenient, but they’re not great for the planet and many are made with plastic, so they can’t biodegrade. Plus, most aren’t recyclable. There’s really no reason to use them. It’s much eco-friendlier to use old clothes and rags; you could even cut up some old clothes you were only going to throw away. 

3. Instead of going to the supermarket, support local farmers if you can and get your vegetables from the local farmer’s markets. They’re much more likely to be sold loose rather than in the plastic wrapping you’d get at the store. 

Recycle As Much As You Can:

Recycling is something that’s accessible to everybody, and every town, city, and state has a recycling program that you can take advantage of. But don’t just stop with throwing your recyclable products into the various relevant bins. You can also recycle a lot at home, and save money in the process because re-using your own stuff means that you no longer need to buy it new.

1. Recycle old furniture:

Upcycling your furniture items is a lot of fun and means you can save a huge amount of money by avoiding buying new. Wooden furniture items are especially easy to upcycle – all they need is a fresh coat of paint and varnish. Use eco-friendly paints and products.

2. Recycle electronics:

Throwing your old phone away might seem like a good option if you never use it these days. Because you can recycle it by giving it away to a friend or family member. One who needs a new one or selling it on eBay. There are also electronics recycling sites that will pay you for your old devices so that they can refurbish them and sell them on. 

3. Sell your old stuff:

Everybody’s got old stuff lying around that they no longer use or need. But don’t throw it straight in the trash! You’d be surprised at the things that people will actually spend money on. Hold a garage sale. For your items will go on to be used by somebody who actually needs them. Because you can make a ton of money while reducing waste at the same time. 

4. Recycle your old clothes:

Either cut them up for cleaning rags as mentioned above or get creative. I mean turn your old clothes into new ones. A pair of jeans that you never wear meh. For it could easily become your favorite summer shorts.

When it comes to going greener in your home, there are plenty of things to do at home. Finally and especially to help you live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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