Clean water is an essential part of life and health. Yet millions of people in places like sub-Saharan Africa.  Most importantly and all for those which lack access to it. Water purification designs also provide an effective solution to this global issue.

So here are five designs that are most importantly making a significant impact. Especiallyon the availability of potable water in places like Ethiopia.

1. Solar Disinfection

Solar disinfection (SODIS) is a low-cost, effective method of purifying contaminated water. It also uses the sun’s ultraviolet rays. All to disinfect water in transparent plastic or glass containers. This technology is also easy to use. For it can be implemented by most households.

2. Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic water filters is another low-cost technology. One that also can be used to purify contaminated water. The filters contain tiny pores that trap harmful bacteria and also organic matter. The ceramic also helps to remove heavy metals and other contaminants. Thereby  making it a highly effective method of purification.

3. Sand Filters

Sand filters are a simple but effective technology used to remove particles and bacteria from contaminated water. They use beds of sand and gravel to filter out impurities, leaving the water clean and safe to drink.

4. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a more advanced water purification technology used to filter out large particles and dissolved contaminants. It is a highly effective method of removing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants.

5. Chlorination

Chlorination is a chemical process used to disinfect water. It is a simple, low-cost method of killing bacteria and removing other contaminants from water. However, it does not remove particles, so it should be used in combination with other purification methods.


These five water purification designs are making a major impact. Especially on the availability of clean water in low developed countries. They are low-cost, effective. Also so easy to implement. Thereby making them ideal solutions for communities. Finally for those especially in need of access to clean water.

UF Online Infographic: Five Water Purification Designs for Low Developed Communities
UF Online B.S. in Environmental Management

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