Treat Earth Day like the start of a new year. Have you thought about what resolutions you’ll make to reduce your carbon footprint?

Onenest thermostat of the easiest things you can do is take a look around your home. With the amount of appliances and devices we have today, every item from the oven and refrigerator, to your iron, Xbox and cell phone charger, there is a ton of energy being consumed every second of the day. The number of devices has surpassed the world population as of late last year, according to GSMA. However, there are new tech devices to help us manage energy consumption and make lifestyle changes to reduce costs without sacrificing comfort.

Below are a few intuitive energy-saving technologies designed to make our lives easier and encourage a sustainable saving device

Smappee – a home energy management system designed to help consumers reduce unnecessary consumption. It is the only consumer-centric device on the market that can detect real-time energy consumption down to the appliance level. Studies have shown that real-time energy data can reduce usage by 12 percent. Through the companion mobile app, users have more insights into their energy usage than ever before – they can see when the TV is on standby mode and turn it off completely or if the refrigerator is consuming a bulk of the energy and make a choice to switch to a more energy efficient device. Smappee comes with Comfort Plugs, which have home automation features to help users turn on and off home appliances while on the go.

video of Smappee:

Smappee device plugged in to save energy

Nest – a next-gen thermostat that can be controlled through your mobile device. The device learns your schedule and programs itself, learning when you like temperatures warmer or cooler. For instance, Nest can determine and set the exact temperature you like to wake up to at a specific time. By managing heating and cooling while users are not in the home, the Nest app can significantly help users save up on energy bills.

Belkin’s Conserve Socket – The average U.S. household spends $100 per year powering products that are off or in standby mode. The Belkin Conserve Socket is a timer to help you save energy in your home by preventing your electric devices from overcharging. For instance, when charging a mobile phone, the Power Timer feature automatically shuts off power after a selected interval of time. It connects the circuit to a variety of devices – from hair straighteners, coffeemakers, space heaters, toaster ovens to lights.

energy saving socket

With the wide variety of affordable energy saving and smart home technologies on the market today, there’s no reason not to go green starting this Earth Day, especially when they’re designed to save costs and the environment in the long run.