Did you know that 55 percent of Americans consciously leave their TVs on, even when they are not in their home? And, we’re using TVs as new nightlight, with 61 percent keeping the TVs on while falling asleep (10 percent leave it on all night).

A new national survey about TV usage habits commissioned by LG Electronics USA found these nuggets, which may be useful for making Americans aware of their energy usage this Earth Day.

While changing behaviors to save energy and fight climate change is challenging, ENERGY STAR® certified TVs can help limit the effect on the environment.

LG has nearly 150 ENERGY STAR certified TVs available. More than 70 LG TV models earned the 2013 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation, representing the best of the best in energy efficient TVs. The majority of LG’s new TV line rolling out beginning later this spring also is expected to be designated as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014, including the most 50-inch and larger TVs already awarded this 2014 designation by the EPA.

As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day next week, it’s important to keep in mind that consumers don’t have sacrifice picture quality or great features like Smart TV to have energy efficiency with ENERGY STAR.

Consumers are encouraged to small things that make a big difference (like turning off their TV when they leave the room) and join LG in taking the “Change the World – Start with ENERGY STAR” Pledge by going here.